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Effective Teaching

Fox, R., Medwell, J., Poulson, L., & Wray, D. (2000). The teaching practices of effective teachers of literacy. Education Review, 52, 75-84.

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I reviewed a journal article entitled, The Teaching Practices of Effective Teachers of Literacy (Fox, Medall, Poulson, & Wray, 2000). In this article the authors discuss effective teaching practices of literacy teachers. These practices include assisting students in making connections between text, sentences or words (for example, writing words that begin with the letter ?b? or emphasizing nursery rhymes). The authors also discuss that it is important to keep students busy by providing them with activities that are going to be challenging.

Key Points

In this article, several important strategies regarding effective teaching of literacy are addressed. They include:
1. Classroom Organization ? The teacher should use a combination of whole class, group and individual teaching. The article suggests that it is important to group students according to the needs of the students in the group. The teacher needs to organize the literacy lesson to accomplish that goal.
2. Task Setting ? The teacher needs to prepare the lesson plans well and provide challenges to students to gain new skills and knowledge about literacy.
3. Task Content ? The teacher needs to be aware

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