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Effect of sugar on brain and bodyWe hardly take notice of fresh groceries as we pass by a grocery store. But passing by an ice-cream parlour sends our tongues watering. You will be surprised to know why.Effect of sugar on the brainConsumption of sugarly foods like ice creams and mashmarrows starts a series of reactions in your body and brain. Our tongues have taste buds to recognize all forms of tastes. Eating sugar activates the sweet taste buds in the tongue sending  signals to the part of our brain responsible for interpreting tastes. Sugar receptors  in your intestines  send even more signals.

Signals from the tongue and the intestines activate release of a chemical called dopamine. Dopamine in return triggers off a dopamine effect in the brain. Dopamine effect is a strong urge for the good feeling associated with certain behaviours or things. For example, when you meet your friends to socialise it’s a great feeling and you don’t want to leave.

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That high feeling is related to dopamine. Similarly, it is why you cannot brake at just one mashmarrow. Before you know it you have taken in loads of sugar that is harmful to your body. Even worse, you become addicted to sugary things.Effects of sugar on the bodyExcess sugar has many harmful effects on the body. Diabetes and obesity is what we are most familiar with.

But did you know that sugar harms your skin too?  You don’t want to look fifty when you are just in your thirties. When you consume excess sugar you are accelerating the natural process of aging. Aging occurs when the main skin proteins – namely collagen and elastin – are destroyed and become saggy causing your skin to sag and wrinkle.

Glucose and fructose sugars attach on collagen and elastin through a process of glycation to form advanced glycation end products. Over accumulation of these products destroys skin proteins  causing aging. Since glucose and fructose are in vegetables and fruits and can’t be totally avoided, the answer is in reducing added or refined sugars. So next time you pass by the ice-cream parlour look at the radiance on your face.

You don’t want to lose that! Do you?

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