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Education is critical for our society. It is how we succeed in life and are able to support ourselves and our families. We apply what we are taught to our everyday lives and continue to learn from each of those lessons programmed into our minds as we move forward in our careers and every aspect of ourselves. Continuing our education after high school is important, we need to be well-educated, so we can continue to rise in our:MindsetKnowledgeCareersSocial ClassSocietyWe have come a long way from cavemen but still, they were smarter because we charge higher prices to continue their education rather than making it affordable for every citizen, so we can make profit and all that blah, blah, blah bologna about how it’s better for our country. Wrong. Making college admissions and tuition so high very few can afford it is bull-hockey, we want our people to have the highest education not just a select few, that’s how the marches and riots on racial discrimination have started because the lower and middle class are not allowed to sit with the upper class and get the same education they need and deserve. We have to make it in society to survive and to do that we have to work as a team, a country and as one rather than three categories like breeding stock. We worry when our children drop-out and our soldiers end up on the streets when they come home from battle and it is all because we have made everything so far out of our own reach because we are greedy and hungry. If we want our next generations to be intelligent and survive, we have to lower our tuition and admission fees, really help those who want to continue their education and lower our college education pricing, so our species survives for centuries rather than thirty years. Drop the discrimination act and let’s put aside our difference of social classiness and make our next generations proud to be part of our country. At the rate we are going, even the immigrants aren’t proud to be on our land anymore.

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