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Education is
the primary infrastructure of development. It can be defined as the process of
acquiring knowledge, skills and habits and using them for the betterment of
mankind. Right from the age of 10, we are taught in schools regarding the
importance of education in our lives but still due to some reasons Nepal is
lagging behind in this sector.

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It is a
known fact that for a country to be developed, its citizen must be educated.
Education is the foundation in developing any county. If we look at the data,
countries having literary rate more than 85% are under the category of
“developed”. Countries like Finland, Norway and Andorra have literacy rate of
100%. It is sad to know that as of November 2017 the literacy rate of Nepal is
only 48.6%, of which 62.7% are males and 34.9% are females. In a country where
the number of females exceeds the number of males, this is a depressing

like any other forms of investment can contribute to economic development and
raise income of the poor just as much as investment in physical capital such as
transportation, communication and agriculture. For a country to be developed,
more than 60% of its population should be engaged in technical field. This is
possible only through education.

All of the
current problems that our county is facing is due to lack of educated people.
People still be believe in superstitions. Even in the 21st century,
menstruation is treated as a taboo. People go to witch doctor instead of
medical ones. Our government is unstable because we do not have virtuous and
capable leaders. If we look at the leaders of Canada or Austria, we find young
and educated leaders while ours are corrupted old men who fight for power and have
hardly passed secondary level examination.

So how can
we increase the number of educated people in the country?

It has only
been half a decade that the people truly began knowing the importance of
education. It must be mandatory for every child to go to school with proper
facilities and tools of learning. Parents must be aware about the fact that
education is a right and that it is a parent’s duty to send his or her child to
school. Government spending more than 7% GDP on education is one of the reasons
why countries like Finland are where they are today.

Education is
not just about literacy or getting a degree but also putting the knowledge into
practice in one’s own country. There is no use of educating a child only to see
them grow up and work in foreign land. Education includes learning moral values
and cultivating ethical characters. Every child must get free education until
high school.

To sum up,
education is a right and like any other human rights, it cannot be taken for
granted. We need to bring the poorest and hardest to reach children in to the
education system. We must ensure that each and every child is empowered in
order to lead the country in the path of development.


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