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Education field for me is a valuable experience that canhave formative impact not only on an individual’s mind and physical ability buthis or her overall character. I have a strong passion to become a primaryschool teacher and this is my come aim which is based robustly on my strongknowledge base I am currently making by completing my study of “Health andSocial Care and Community Foundation Entry”. For this I want to study EducationStudies BA (Hons). I would like the admissionin your university in BA (Hons) for Education Studies. As well as my pastpractical experience is concerned, I previously have voluntary placements fromschools and nurseries and now, I attend one day a week in primary school on aWednesday. During my Voluntary placements, I served the schools as teachingassistant and I was fully able to find out both my weak areas. I have learnt howto communicate with others especially pupils in an effective manner in theclassroom and playground and how to emulate the staff member’s methodology andobserve the pupil’s responses.

Further, I was also engaging in taking note ofvery useful feedback from the members of staff and pupils during my placements,and developed my skills, capabilities and knowledge how to educate children. I am Keenly interested in Education Studies, not only I havethe passion to work with children and also to become a competent teacher who isaware of that education is everything. I am enthusiastic for this course bybecoming a competent primary school teacher.

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Whether it is a concern over theschools, role or the curriculum in bringing revolution to the society andachieving strong economic stability, education throws up a major issuesaffecting us all. With this degree, I believe I can develop my ability toexamine a mixture of subjects that I will study and my next coherent stepthrough which I can successfully captivate and engage the children’s hearts andminds.  

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