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Developing an CEO-friendly stadium or arena appears to be at the forefront of almost every professional sports organization. I believe in the initial design/planning phases architects and facility planners must take notice in the direction which the sun sets and rises. One area of concern is the purpose of constructing the stadium and what is it’s intended use and for how long (Mammon, et. 2010) Also, if the organization is located in an extremely humid environment, I would most likely construct a stadium with a retractable roof which would allow for the players and peculator some comfort from the outside heat.

As Mammon has mentioned in chapter one, security measures must be implemented in the initial design process (Mammon, et. 2010). If a spectator feels that their safety is in Jeopardy they will most likely avoid such large events. For safety considerations, I would install bollards that would prevent vehicles from approaching the facility within 150 yards. Some of the areas I would keep in mind during the architectural phase would be to maximize the use of solar power. One of the incidents that I think of was the blackout during the 2012 Super Bowl.

If the facility was operating solely on solar power, would there have been an issue with the lights? One area to consider when deciding where to construct a facility is who might be affected as result of the land loss. If necessary, private citizens may be forced to sell their land, but they would be provided adequate compensation (Mammon, et. 2010). The new stadium built for the Dallas Cowboys was exempt from such a law because of the actions of numerous landowners.

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Ultimately, construction of a new facility should be conducive for everyone affected and not Just the facility owner. The Philadelphia Eagles wanted Lincoln Financial Field to be the “greenest” stadium in the world (Revenues, 2010). I don’t believe any stadium comes close to the new stadium built by Jerry Jones. Regardless of the type of facility, recycling is still the first step to a greener facility. I am not sure much could be done about the parking issues at major sporting events.

Maybe by establishing parking spaces for fuel-efficient vehicles may encourage spectators to purchase their personal vehicles with an CEO-friendly state of mind. Honestly, most of these parking spaces I have encountered have been empty. It might be because the CEO-friendly vehicles cost more than a traditional The sunlight and lighting dependency could differ if the stadium was an outdoor type versus enclosed. If an outdoor stadium were to host a maximum amount of games during the day the use of lighting would be limited.

However, I believe what someone would save on lighting cost; might potentially go towards field maintenance because of the open field. The heating and cooling should be self-explanatory depending if it was an outdoor stadium or dome type. In an effort to keeps the emissions to a minimum, I would encourage carpooling ND reward those who were complying with a free beverage of souvenir. As the owner of Midlife stadium has mentioned, “We promote the use of mass transit and carpooling for events” (Midlife, 2011).

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