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I believe that early parenting is the demographic trend that will have the greatest impact on health and human services delivery not only in Florida and in the US but in the whole world as well. This continuous increase on the number of youths that are becoming parents in their early age will surely make a great impact on health and services. Day after day the numbers of youth that are becoming parents are increasing. Another result of this early parenting is the inability of the early fathers to supports their families’ financial needs.

Due to early parenthood, most early fathers were not able to finish their studies and as result it is harder for them to look for a stable and high salary work. Most of them are also unemployed or employed but having a very small salary that may not be enough even for the necessity of the family. This problem regarding finances oftentimes resulted to the separation of the parents. Because they are unable to finish their study it is likely that they will remain in the cycle of finding a job and then loosing it after the contract has ended. This process will also affect the child’s future, their education, health and other things.

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Early parenting will results in increase in the number of people that is unable to pay or are exempted in paying taxes to the government. Because of this the health and human services delivered by the government will surely fall. After the next 10 years, more and more are expected to be early parents. Parents with unstable job and are relying on the supports of the government and of their close relatives. Unemployed people become a burden for the society. They are becoming tax users rather than being tax payers. They are causing a lot of loss in the society.

It is appropriate that this issue regarding early parenting be addressed properly in order for our country to progress and attain its highest potential. It is rightful for the government to help these early parents and as well as give special attention and emphasis to the issue and come up with ways by which this cases be decreased if not totally do away with. It is disease in the country that needs early care and treatment. Reference: Young, Jr. A. & Holcomb, P.. 2007. Voices of young fathers: the partners for fragile families demonstration projects. Retrieved September 21, 2007 from http://aspe. hhs. gov/hsp/07/PFF/voices/index. htm.

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