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The agency would be Early Education for Domestic and Family Violence. WAC recommends counseling and treatment programs for those who are the perpetrators or violent acts within the family. This program would comply with these recommendations. This is that the recommendations would be for the perpetrators of the violent family crimes and the domestic abuse as a way for the perpetrator to learn new ways of handling his/her anger and therefore would be less likely to again perpetrate or continue in the crime (“Chapter…” 1-3). The agency would offer many various services.

These services would include the above mentioned perpetrator treatment. The other services that would be included are that the family would have family counseling as a unit rather than just individual counseling. There would also be individual counseling for all of the members of the family. For the children there would be services available as part of a prevention program. There would also be a residential placement facility for both the displaced victims of domestic and/or family violence as well as treatment residential facilities for the perpetrator.

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The overall basis of the programs would be education. There would be strong education based programs that could be taught through community centers and schools as well as churches and other programs overall. For the program Early Education for Domestic and Family Violence the structure would be strict. The structure would follow the overall things that would be needed in order for things to be able to be managed through the overall problems that would be faced by a facility that was offered from the management of education.

There are many things that are involved in the education and process of providing the education for domestic and family violence based on the various ages that would be affected through the program as it would be based for families as a unit and not just the individuals. The shelter would receive funding from the DHS (department of human services) in order to assist in the care for those who are trying to escape the harmful affects of a relationship with domestic or family violence (“WAC 388-61A-0005…” 1).

The safety that is required for the shelter is that the shelter meet certain regulations about things with safety and repairs. The other requirements are that there must be safety equipment based on all areas as needed. There has to be other things including the ideas about the things to prevent the ability of intruders to come in (“WAC 388-61A-0020…” 1-2). These things will all be in compliance and things will be maintained on a secure basis. The steps to start the agency would be to make sure that the buildings and homes that were there would be secure enough.

The agency would be certified as needed to be legal. There would also be a need for employees. Employees would need to undergo a background check and would have extensive training to where they would be able to know what the duties and the problems that could be associated. The staff would also be trained for safety and security and to be able to talk with both the adults and children that are in the program as well as the perpetrators. The employees would first and foremost be made very aware of the educational models that would be used for the business.

One of the main things that would be protected would be the rights to confidentiality in accordance with the code (“Confidentiality…”). The employees would also be trained in advocacy based counseling. This would be done by certified advocate counselors who would be trained in how to work with the victims and perpetrators of family crime. These would be important to maintain the program (“WAC 388-61A-0025…” 1-2). Works Cited “Chapter 388-60 WAC—Domestic Violence Perpetrator Treatment Program Standards. ” 2009.

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