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Early adulthood is the stage where a person is between the ages of twenty and forty. Early adulthood embodies a true developmental stage in the life cycle of a human being. Young adults begin to establish a secure individual identity, together with forming mature and developed friendships as well as intimate relationships. In the early adulthood stage, individuals also begin to reorient their family ties and build up a foundation of ideological perspectives and values.Psychological distress is common amongst individuals on the early adulthood stage. They begin to lack concentration and have difficulties in sleeping.

Insomnia is one psychological disorder that early adults may suffer from. Some individuals also experience lack of self confidence during this stage as clash with other young adults happen when it comes to establishing their identities and forming new relationships (Danzigeer, 2007).The early adulthood stage also seeks personal desire for intimacy as well as sex. An early adult may suffer from mental disorders due to isolation when his needs for intimacy and sex are not achieved. This will result in isolation or solitude for him and may cause several mental disorders such as major depression and social anxiety disorder. Individuals may also suffer from several gender identity and sexual disorders such as ego-dystonic homosexuality, gender identity disorder and dyspareunia (Adams, 2010).These individuals may also experience different types of paraphilia, mental disorders such as sexual arousal to individuals, situations, or objects that is extreme and can be harmful to one’s self or to the people around him.

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Early adulthood stage also poses disorders like depersonalization disorder or split personality, to individuals who are between the ages of 20 and 40. These different psychological problems or disorders appear in such time since during the early adult stage, individuals are in search for their personal identity.Their relationships and connections with others greatly affect their existence. Not being able to meet their needs during this stage will significantly cause negative outlook to the individuals hence causing them difficulties. References Adams, Gerald. (2010). Ego-Identity Formation in Adolescence and Early Adulthood: Theory and Measurement.

CreateSpace Publishing. Danziger, Sheldon. (2007). The Price of Independence: The Economics of Early Adulthood. Russell Sage Foundation Publications.

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