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Dyeing process can cause a big problem that leave one of
the largest water pollution on the planet. Dumped and untreated wastewater are
the main problem in China and India’s dye houses. There are so some ways to
reduce the impact of dying the textile by giving our clothes to someone,
recycling or repurpose them, and swap our clothes to other people, it will save
clothes from landfill waste.


Unfortunately it was already a common knowledge that the
things that are best for us are usually more expensive that the fast, cheap,
and easy. Eviana Hartman, the Bodkin designer tell us what makes ethical
clothing a bit more expensive and why it is actually worth every penny. Sustainable
clothing means adopting the society and environment friendly practices of
making clothes, including choosing to eject used of GMOs and pesticides during
farming, recycling materials already in use, cruelty free silk implantation,
using low-impact dying process and inks during making fabrics and yarn, and
paying a fair salary to the workers and others involved in the manufacturing
process. Ethical clothing not just about certain kind of material that they use
for making clothes, it is also about making things durable. It takes low-impact
organic corps to produce the clothing. Most sustainable clothing are made to
order, which reduces the waste in terms of mass producing. Fashion companies
must find the balance between investing in ethical practices in their supply
chains and sales, as despite growing awareness still somehow not enough people
wiling to pay more for ethical fashion. Retailer must think about how to
justify the high-price tags using innovation, design, and quality to give
reason to consumers to purchase. Sometimes we must think ethical fashion as an
organic food, it was so expensive at the beginning, but if many people bought
it, the more prices went down, and then it became widespread.

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