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During the journey, Dante begins with complete conviction in Virgil, as his guide. Dante’s progressive deed of resistance against Virgil’s order has a major effect, which causes Virgil and Dante from being the mentor to a learner to two mutually unfettered mortals. Virgil has essential roles in the spiritual growth of Dante through the levels of hell, Dante grows emotionally colder throughout hell but the connection with Virgil helps him maintain his humanity. In Dante’s Inferno, the relationship between Dante and Virgil transforms from a teacher- student relationship into a father-son relationship.
BODY 1: Once Dante witnesses his mentor being declined entrance in, Dante immediatly replies ” That hue of cowardice which blanched upon / my countenance when I saw my leader turn,/ all the more swiftly checked it in his own” (Canto 9. 1-3).

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