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Duck and Cover What does stereotyping mean to you? Is stereotyping reinforced by television, movies and advertisements? Why or why not? How does this affect our popular culture? What Stereotyping meaner to Team C, is placing Judgment upon a person or group of people based upon a number of factors; including but not limited to age, gender, nationality, intelligence level, looks, body type, etc.

.. Let could be, and for the most is, depicted as negative.However, there are positive ways of stereotyping; for example, being pulled out of normal education and put into advanced learning courses in Junior High.

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This segregation from general education was not only an act of stereotyping by the governing body of my learning facility. Often we see a character taking on a part in a movie, interpreting a certain stereotype of a typical characteristic of the exact type of person they are trying to mock.When this happens we often automatically Judge that type of person based on what they look like, with an expectation of probable behavior in that person’s attitude towards you is going to be based upon that stereotype. There are also stereotypes that we assume go hand in hand, for example bad behavior and minors, are often assumed to relate to each other. Another type of stereotype that come to my mind is when people speak about karma, like bad things happen to bad people, what goes around comes around, people get what they deserve.

Although stereotyping can be negative or positive, more than not it is often focused on the negative. TV and movies have a lot to do with stereotyping because shows and movies express what they believe are, “in” or “not in”. Whether something is cool or not cool, or if you look a certain way it meaner you belong to a certain group. For example in the cast class we were talking about “MEMO” kids, what If I like to wear all black and short crazy hair but I like classical music, does that make me MEMO.All these things affect popular culture and stereotyping is something that we believe will exist forever because the stereotypes for looks, and styles, as well as groups have already been created.

Stereotyping tattles all people AT a certain Dealer Into a mostly negative category Tanat may only reflect a selected few of the racial demographics. All people of all nationalities have been victims of being stereotyped, even those whom have made most of the stereotypes of other people.

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