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Looking into the results of different respondents in the field, each one provided specific answers using a Yes or No questionnaire on the issues surrounding Drunk Driving policies. The outcome of this evaluation is essential in providing and pointing out necessary strategies for amendments and changes that need to be made. In the first question, the people that were given say that drunk driving is a problem that needs to be dealt with. However, there was a disagreement on the gauge on how it should be measured.

Normally, the alcohol level must be below 0. 8 to be considered still fit for driving.The results showed considerable dissent garnering 75% (9 counts) for NO and only 25% (3 counts) who agreed otherwise. Similarly, there is a split in the respondents concerning their view whether or not the drunk driving laws have enough teeth to apprehend and discipline drivers. A slight number of people showcased a NO argument which contributed to 58.

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33% (7 counts). On the other hand, the people who attested that these policies are strict enough gave a 41. 67% (5 people) input. Also, the presence of road blocks catered to the further prevention of such incident.This is according to the people tested.

Majority of the group who affirmed comprised 66. 67% (8 counts) and the ones who disagreed was only 33. 33% (4 counts). As far as experiences of being victimized by a drunk driver, the respondents also catered a split in responses when they were asked this question. Those who affirmed resulted in a 58. 33% (7 counts) while those who disagreed were 41.

67% (5 counts). Similarly, when people were asked if these incidents had also happened to them, there was a divided view of this. The positive respondents showed a 41.67% (5 counts). On the other hand, the people who said NO came up on the outcome to be 58. 33% (7 counts). This reaction was not the same when the same people were asked whether the creation of tougher laws have helped addressed the incidence of limiting down incidents of drunk driving. There was a critical note of people who said that this was not the case 66.

67% (8 counts) while people who said Yes resulted only to 33. 33% (4 counts). Given the question whether drunk driving be considered a victimless crime, respondents provided a 41.67% (5 counts) for YES and 58. 33 (7 counts) for those who said NO. When it came to the realm of punishment, people surveyed were asked whether or not they shall be considered liable to go to prison even if there are no victims in the incident. 58.

33% said that they should while 41. 67% mentioned that there are other applicable measures that can be made. Given the various mechanisms that disciplines drivers, each one was also asked whether or not the punishment given was more effective than others. Majority of respondents said YES; 63.64% while a limited number provided NO as an answer (36. 36%). In the survey, there was a unified reply by the people concerning fairness of actions and measures to be implemented. All of them said that the discipline given is tantamount to the violations committed.

Lastly, each ember was asked to provide their insights and opinion on as to what best disciplinary action must be imposed to people proven to have driven under the influence of alcohol. There were varied reactions from the people surveyed as they opted to choose four (4) types of measures.These were manifested by a 50% output in loss of license, 16.

67% in fines and 33. 33% in a jail sentence. However, what is remarkable was the non -patronage for a safety school program. Creating the Appropriate Program Our policy based on our survey shall focus on the appropriate mechanisms and initiative necessary for change. This is in-line with the responses provided by the respondents in the survey with the hope of creating effective standards as far as drunk driving policies are concerned.In the end, these steps shall not only be encompassing in nature but at the same time provide the needed accountability for drivers in the road. Policy Amendments An important realization that the research has seen is the relative significance of drunk driving towards the escalation of many accidents on the road which not only be costly to the lives of victims but at the same time create damage and destruction to government property. Due to this, it is important to create increased measures to determine increase responsibility among drivers and at the same time have teeth in reprimanding offenders.

That is why constant review and changes must be made to address the current needs of the time. At the same time, the study pointed out people’s disagreement with the allowed alcohol limit to determine people who are drunk. Since the tolerance level of many individuals is subjective in nature, it may be good to propose a particular scale on how it should be measured. This means that further literature and studies be made as a basis for this assumption. By doing this, each one can have a fair and unbiased way of creating rules and policies for such initiative.Stricter Rules; Greater Compliance Since such practice remains to be prevalent among American drivers, it is important for policy makers to initiate a campaign that will create harsher restrictions and punishments for people proven to drive under the influence of alcohol. Since majority of the respondents pointed out that the current system isn’t strict enough, there must be an increase in the way law enforcers and community members create programs to address this issue.Likewise, the use of road blocks can be a good measure to avert further accidents and damage caused by these drivers.

Also, there must be random checkpoints to ensure that all individuals abide to the traffic rules and regulations of each state. Due to the number of people that became victims or victimized by the process, it is vital for this additional measures to be made to create increased security and protection for motorists on the road. The same issue can be applied towards the punishment given towards people who violated this rule.It is good that a number of measures are at place to safeguard and sanction drunk drivers on the road. However, the results seem to point out little preference on safety school. It is important for policy makers to revitalize the significance of protection especially on the road. Also, this must be in line with the current trends of the time. People might consider it to be a waste of time and effort, yet it is necessary to instill into drivers mind their individual responsibility when in the road.

Communication and AwarenessAnother important facet in attaining this objective is by constantly creating communication mechanisms among law enforcement and the interest groups. Though duty of enforcing is mainly facilitated by local authorities, the monitoring can be made by groups that cater to the needs of drivers on the road. Similarly, these findings can help supplement in the drive to either revamp or amend important rules and regulations surrounding the issue.

Therefore, the endeavor must be a collaborative effort from all parties involved.Establishing awareness to the community is another proposed program by this study. The results given showcase the needed element of improving consciousness about the gravity of the situation. Seeing the relevant damage it can cause to victims and properties, it is essential for the community to take an active stand and promote information dissemination and other programs deemed to intensify anti-drunk driving measures in their respective cities and neighborhood

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