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Drug Testing

Drug testing is an unwise choice both financially, and morally, with negative consequences in many aspects. Besides being in violation of your individual rights, drug testing causes workers to feel threatened by their workplace and actually causes them to have a lower moral and self-esteem. Drug users may have a general fear of being harassed by drug policies and this could cause a lack of productivity due to a constant anxiety over having your personal freedoms violated. This would not only cause the company to lose money due to productivity loss, but it would cause the employee to feel alienated and feel mistreated compared to others. It would cause them to feel that they are unjustly being treated, because their lifestyle is not any worse than the lifestyle of the other coworkers. Much of the time, the drug users have stable lives, own enough money to buy drugs, and are active members of society. Many valuable and creative workers are being fired for something that they do in their leisure time which has no effect on his or her job whatsoever. Workers also feel betrayed because even though they could be excellent workers

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