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Drug and alcohol abuse is a serious problem among many young people now a days, it is a multifaceted problem that exists not only in this nation but all over the world. There is usually more than one reason why this problem occurs. It can be biological, psychological, narcissism or egoncetriaty. Another is a psycho-social factor, here the majority of drug users are immature, emotionally childish, and insecure or are suffering from problems of adolescence.However, drug use does not only occur in isolation of environmental factors but rather, is greatly influence by many factors. People tend to abuse drugs despite knowledge of the nature and extent it can constitutes to their health and because of this the nation is continuously seeking for a new counter measures to be develop and implement to fight drug abuse which is already a cancer of society. We all know that the issue of drug abuse among young people is a deadly serious one. It was ranked second to crime by respondents, and was reported as more serious than health care.

Alcohol and drug dependency devastate the lives of many users and their families and friends. Why do people take drugs and alcohol particularly the youth? Most adolescents approach alcohol with curiosity and fascination as well as some fear and anxiety. Others are because of pleasure to fit in with a group of people, or to help them cope with boredom, anxiety, rejection, inadequate stimulation and communication, and other deficiencies in the family.

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Begin Match to source 1 in source list: http://www. pdfAdolescence is a time of taking risks and seeking stimulation,End Match Begin Match to source 1 in source list: http://www. ncjrs. org/pdffiles/jjplanfr.

pdfmany are seeking the recognition they fail to receive from home or school. End Match The problem posed by drug addiction arises into many problems of the nation, young people uses drug are more likely to have thoughts of suicide, becomes member of a gang that often create problems of the society and get into trouble at school and with the police.They are also less likely to do well in school and take part in sports and clubs. Most juvenile delinquent cases resorted from taking drugs and alcohol.

Delinquency-illegal drug use correlations have been confirmed. Americans see drugs as the second most serious problem facing the nation that need to be addressed immediately, important issues that might become a solution to the problem should be adopted (John 2001).Prevention is a difficult task, given the strong desires of many to consume alcohol and other drugs.

Society plays vital roles, this includes the role of the family as the basic unit of the community, the parents should crate warm atmosphere, developed effective and open communication, respect and accept the children for what they are and guide them in making decisions. Another is the importance of good governance and the participation of other components of the Criminal Justice System that enforces the laws.The government should double their efforts in pursuing programs of actions against drug problem by continuously sponsoring researchers who will study how the components of drugs can become less dangerous and the possibility of controlled and reduction. On the other hand the Criminal Justice Systems should intensified law enforcement, coordinates in all other agencies be it public or private, appeal to all organizations whether governmental or non-governmental and win the community cooperation to participate in the effort of moving away drug abusing(Ernest 1965).The police as the prime mover must beep up intelligence capability to interdict extensive manufactured of prohibited drugs and improve monitoring of frontline services. Begin Match to source 1 in source list: http://www. ncjrs.

org/pdffiles/jjplanfr. pdfIn promoting the development of comprehensive, long- range, multidisciplinary, communitywide programs to address alcohol and other drug use prevention through the Community Partnership demonstration program.This programEnd Match should be a partnership Begin Match to source 1 in source list: http://www.

ncjrs. org/pdffiles/jjplanfr. pdfcomprising public and private organizations, agencies, and institutions. TheEnd Match government should establish priorities of addressing the problems of drugs and alcohol, effort must be exerted and objectives must be define.

References Ernest. H. 1965 Drug Addiction in Youth, Program press John, J.

, 2001, Psychology of Alcohol and Other Drugs, California, Sage Publications Inc.

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