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With increased cases of poverty, drug abuse, technology change and modernization, psychological problems are beginning to encroach the world.

Many of our young people are suffering from metal distress, depression and drug addiction and this is the real problem. With a view to mitigating the problem, psychological counselors and Christian counselors have trying to guide and advice the victims on how to become psychologically healthy. Scholars and researchers have not however agreed on which kind of approach-whether the Christian one of the secular- can actually bring better result.If both are the best ways can help people with psychological issues, what then are their differences and which one is best suited for the people in social and religious terms. Such are the issues this paper will address especially with specific reference to biblical counseling point of view and if there is any difference between them Professional counseling borrows a therapeutic approach from the context of medicine and psychology.

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When a person is healed from a cancer or malaria, the situation is referred to as lateral healing by the doctor.If anything depressing happens to an individual, the doctor recommends that the victim is taken to a psychiatrist for further counseling. This mean that you are a ‘patient’ and you must be treated by the psychiatrist. This means that one is suffering from a certain malfunction in their bodies and minds and there is need for some kind of restoration through either means. This is contrast with the biblical views of counseling which base mental healing from the point of view of the biblical teachings.

It explains that Jesus Christ came to the world to save and free people from their problems.This is where Christian counselors take their reference to and believe that anybody can be healed because of the sinful nature of their character. (The Holy Bible, King James Version ) What counseling addresses i. Bad emotions ii. Bad thoughts iii.

Extraordinary beliefs that leads to metal disturbance iv. Choices and desires v. Motives and values vi. Worldview and attitudes on certain issues such as terrorism or same-sex marriages vii. Attitudes towards certain people especially those in authority viii. Addictions and bad memoriesDefinitions according to the King James Version Bible Admit- To allow, permit or grant i.

e. the words do not admit of such a construction that is in this sense, of may be used after the verb or absent. Advice- To counsel, an opinion suggested or presented as worthy to be followed by men Advise- To give information or to communicate notice i. e.

to make acquainted with, followed by of; before the thing communicated Affected.Impressed, moved or touched either in person or in interest i. e. having suffered some change by external force; loss, danger, and others e. g. failure Afflict- to be pretentious with continued or often repeated ache or either of body or mind, suffering grief or distress of any kind, followed by the rheumatism Help- To assist or to succor, to lend means of deliverance, as to help one in distress; to help one out of prison, To relieve; to cure, or to mitigate pain or disease; Help and ease them, but by no means bemoan them Moral perfection- It is the complete possession of all moral excellence as in the Supreme Being, or the possession of such moral qualities and virtues as a thing is capable of doingValue- To esteem or to hold in respect and estimation i.

e. to value one for his works or virtues Wisdom- The right use or exercise of knowledge, the choice of laudable ends; and of the best means to accomplish them; This is wisdom in act or effect or practice. Quickness of intellect or readiness of apprehension, In Scripture theology, and wisdom is true religion Counsel- To give advice to, to advice or to admonish or instruct especially as a person in position to help (King James Bible Online Dictionary)

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