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To determine if Mender’s law of segregation and independent assortment genetic principle’s hold true by observing the genotypes of both the Fl and IF generation of Drosophila Melanomas flies and applying the Chi Square analysis to the IF offspring to see if the our results fall inside or outside statistical variation. Methods: This experiment was carried out over a five-week process. Each lab bench crossed two parental generations: dumpy females x sepia males, and sepia females x dumpy males. My partner and carried out the sepia x dumpy cross.

The following week (week 2), we removed the parents so we wouldn’t confuse the P generation with the eventual Fl offspring. Week 3 we reevaluated our vials, sans the P generation, and classified and counted the Fl flies, separating them into male and female, noting their specific phenotypes. Following classification, we crossed 3 virgin Fl generation females with 5 Fl generation males. Additionally, we also performed a backrooms consisting of externally added dumpy, sepia virgin females x Fl males. During week 4, we removed the parents once more. This time, the parents were the Fl generation.

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Hybrids” that forever changed modern genetics. Included in this publication were two Madeline principles. The first principal is in regards heredity and states, “two alleles for each trait separate (segregate) during gamete formation, and then unite at random, one from each parent, at fertilization. This is deemed the law of segregation. To go along with this general rule of thumb, Mendel also considered the potential for shuffling of genes during did-hybrid crosses. When there are two individual genes in play, their inheritance pattern act completely independent from one another.

Thus, “during gamete formation, different pairs of alleles segregate independently of each other. ” Mendel spent years inside the lab in order to confidently claim these two laws of genetics, and they still hold true up to this day. Our mission in this experiment was to confirm or prove his laws, essentially. We hypothesized that all Fl hybrids would be heterozygous and wild type. This was confirmed in Table 1 above.

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