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Driving in the Snow

Thesis: Although it can be done, driving in the snow is a dangerous and difficult process.
Driving during sever winter weather conditions can be demanding. And how you handle your vehicle in those conditions could be the difference between a safe trip and serious trouble.
Not all cars are alike. To become familiar with your vehicle?s winter weather operating characteristics, it is recommended that practicing slow-speed maneuvers on an empty snow or ice-covered parking lot. It is also suggested that the owner should read the owners manual for information on equipment and handling characteristics.
The following are things to consider while driving in winter weather conditions.
Front, rear, four or all-wheel drive
Become familiar with what wheels are given power in your vehicle. Front-wheel-drive vehicles generally handle better than rear-wheel-drive vehicles on slippery roads because the weight of the engine is on the drive wheels. The back end of rear-wheel-drive cars tends to lose traction and slide side-to-side during turns on icy roads because there is little weight on the drive wheels.
Many vehicles today are equipped with four, or all-wheel drive, which helps maintain traction in difficult conditions. However, drivers of four-wheel drive vehicles should avoid becoming over confident. Four-wheel-drive does not

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