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My parents had very similar concepts and beliefs regarding the upbringing of their children. As far as I can recollect they both new firmly that the school age is a period of a child’s dynamic development, in which behavior and abilities are created (Maciorkowska E, Buraczewska E and Sacharewicz A 2007). My father’s family has already practiced a tradition of regular family gatherings. Though my parents were strict in many things about our school years because they believed that it is also the period in which many disorders appear or are deepened and then could be brought to the adult life, my father was an amusing person.

He loved taking us to the parties and made sure that we always enjoyed it. The main objectives of making us participate in the public functions were to teach us to socialization. We were on those occasions were completely restricted from alcoholic drinks. This, in fact, made us think such drinks were an ‘adult thing’. We also had restriction on food in such social or family events as my mother, who was a person of great reading, was health conscious. However, vacations, parties and recreations bring a lot of nostalgic and happy memories which in a way molded my being as an adult.

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The health potential, from childhood and adolescence, determines health, quality of further life, and proper functioning in the society (Herda J and Poznanski K 2004). So my parents always made sure that proper vaccination and medical treatment, strictly in accordance with the advice of a medical practitioner, was adequately available for us. Even when we suffered a very minor infection of disturbance, they were not willing to settle with a non-prescribed drug.

Basically, the life in such family atmosphere has taught me the significance of precaution and the ways by which one can stay away from the potential dangers of being sick. The family culture and the determination of my parents have taught me at a very young age the dangers of underage drinking and that the alcohol use is one of the main risk factors for the health of young people. The relation between the habit of drinking and medication was according to the direction of the physician.

I, in fact, do not recollect anyone in my family getting that far to be advised by a physician against the use of alcohol. Drinking alcohol can harm the growing body and brain. That’s why it’s important for young people to grow up alcohol-free. And it takes every adult in the community to help young people choose not to drink alcohol (A Guide to Action for Communities 2007). These words sound to me as loving reminder I get from my family. Living in such a culture has influenced my social life in many ways.

As far as my concepts on vacation, eating out and holiday trips are concerned, I have a lot of positive precautionary thought such as the destination, activities, diet and hygiene and so on. I grew up convincing myself that drinking is never an indispensable part of socializing and enjoyment. Moreover, the alcoholic conception needs to be regulated according to the medical practitioner while under treatment. However, coming from such a family culture makes me uncomfortable in certain binge drinking parties.

It reminds me of a statistics published according to one of the annual surveys of youth, 16 percent of eighth graders, 25 percent of tenth graders and 30 percent of twelfth graders reported binge drinking in the past two weeks (The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism 1997). . References A Guide to Action for Communities (2007) U. S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Surgeon General’s Call to Action To Prevent and Reduce Underage Drinking: A of Guide to Action for Communities. U. S.

Department of Health and Human Services, Office the Surgeon General Herda J and Poznanski K (2004) Beyond adolescence: problem, behavior and young adult development. Cambridge: Cambridge Univ. Press Maciorkowska E, Buraczewska E and Sacharewicz A (2007) Familial and Social Conditions of Alcohol Drinking in Children and Adolescents. Department of Pediatric Nursing, Medical University of Bialystok The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (1997) Youth drinking: Risk factors and consequences Alcohol Alert 1997 July; 37.

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