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There is a lot of issues in with rules, especially dress code.

Many students don’t seem to follow the specific dress code rules given to them. Enforcing school uniforms would be a very smart choice. Having a specific color and pants the students have to wear would be easier to handle then having to watch the students every day to see if they are in violation of dress code. Teenagers don’t seem to get the reasons why dress code is important but once you assign uniforms you would see them snap back into reality.

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Assigning students specific colors to wear would be less of a complication.Students would know exactly what to buy and wear to school instead of worrying if they are in violation. Shopping for parents would be better instead of buying a whole new wardrobe for their kids.

It would be easier for the kids to still express themselves. They won’t be assigned specific shirts or skirts but a color. They can still many things to show people how they are. One of the people who barely listen to dress code is girls. Most girls seem to always violate dress code with short shirts and pants. Adults want them to cover up more and stop showing so much skin.But, most boys like to have their pants to their knees. A lot of people don’t want to their under wear.

Having the girls wear a good length shirt and pants would be better and having the boys wear fitted pants. Yes, teenagers should have freedom but to a certain extent. They shouldn’t be showing all their body parts in school.

Generations seems to be getting worse especially with sexual activities. Having the teens showing more body parts is Just encouraging. A lot of teens don’t seem to notice or deny it but it is true. They should keep it out of the school.Many guys eem to wear things that symbolize violence, sex, drugs, or gangs, which of course most of that is illegal. They like to wear marijuana plants, guns, or a specific color that represents a gang. That should be completely gone.

It usually encourages the younger people to do bad things and be under the influence. Of course no adult wants their children to be exposed to that. All things under the influence should be banned. Then again there should be exceptions for some students not to wear uniforms, such as religious issues. A lot of religions are very strict on what they wear.

Such as traditional dresses, I believe the parents should be talked to before enforcing it to their children. You really don’t want someone going against their religion cause of what they are wearing. No one should be punished because they have certain beliefs. What our school can do is help us get prepared for the real world when we get Jobs and have to wear certain things. It is our way of growing up and having our responsibilities. Dress code is a very important matter and I believe uniforms would be the best for teachers, parents and students. dress code By lvdyglddd

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