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Dreams DreamsDreams and our unconscious Dream have been described as many different things.

Everyone has their own belief as to what dreams actually mean. Sigmund Frued has his own theory. Adler has an extremely different theory from him. However, scientific research has proved many things about dreams.

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It has proved what they mean, how they?re interpreted, why we sometimes fail to remember them, and why nightmares occur. Dreams have many different meanings. They?re useful to learn more about the dreamer?s feelings, thoughts, behavior, motives, and ever their values.

Many people feel that dreams will help them to better solve their problems. Dreams also give ideas to people such as, artists, and writers. ?A dream has a purpose, it tells a story, shows you pictures, and creates emotion. The more important the dream, the more intense will be the reaction of the dreamer. Vivid dreams have vivid meaning.? (?Dreams?, McDonald, pg2) Dreams have many different interpretations. How you interpret them is very complex. Each time a dream is interpreted, it may have a different meaning each time.

This depends on how you are feeling and what you are going through?. Many dreams, dream, different, things, they?re, dreamer, very, unconscious, remember, people, nightmares, meaning, interpreted, important, help, going, about, vivid, time, through, thoughts, though, theory, sometimes, proved, problem, part, own, occurring, meanings, mean, life, having, future

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