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Dreams never die BY ML Dreams Never die It is a truth universally acknowledged that if one person fall in love with art, truly in love with art, that person can abandon everything for art. My cousin was and is that kind of person who loves Art more than anything else in this world. When he was a teenager, he often quarrels with his parent’s. Every time he felt sad, he goes to the art room and stay inside for whole night even hole day. ” I put all my tears and resentments in my painting,” He recalls, ” I realized that art is only way can loosen my nerves.

After many years’ strives, he finally get into “Central Academy of Fine Arts” which is the best art collage in China. If you ask me, why he love art that much, I would say, because art has saved his life. When he was 16, he almost died in a car crush. I remembered his eyes filled with despair when the doctor told him he probably can not draw again. He lied on his bed for a week without talking, however, the following week, I saw him trying to pick up his painting brush again, because of the problem on his hands, the brushes dropped again and again.

He was not scourged, the brush dropped, he picked it up, again and again. Until one day, I saw him drew a sunset in his hometown. But he was not able to control the brushes and pencils as well as he did before. After many days drawing, his hands was hearting to death. He did not give up! He keep going on and on. Finally, after his hard work, he took a Globe first price of a international drawing competition. He told me secretly, he did not like drawing before, but from the moment, the doctor said he was not able to draw again he realized his love for art, and art brought him hope.

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Job is not Just a about money, it’s also your affection. ” Absolutely true! I agree with him. Every one knows that art is hard to find a Job, but if artiest have that passion for art, job would not be a problem for them. I wanted to be an artiest. I want to do so something I like, not Just something can make money for me. Art can bring many things for life, like passion, love and a heart fill with graceful. His story influence a lot, I will follow his step, never give up. Like he said, dreams never die!

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