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Explain using law tot conservation tot energy.

(use values of EKE and PEE tort cart with mass attached) According to the lava of conservation of energy, in an isolated system, the initial potential energy and the kinetic energy should be the same. However, when we were doing the experiment, we could not guarantee for ideal situation with no extra resistance, so the data above, which shows that there is difference between the two energies ME I ,OIC), indicates a certain amount f the loss of energy when the cart was running.The loss of energy was used to overcome the resistance. Plethora’s, the less the experimental errors are, the closer the numbers of the two energies will be. What happened to the PEE, EKE and speed once you removed the I keg mass? (compare all values with and Without the mass) The speed almost remained the same (2. Mm/s ; 2. Mm/ s), While PEE gamma: EKE nearly halved after we removed the I keg mass 5. 7 IS ; 2.

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47] and EKE: 4. 70] ; 1. 91 J).

The soap box derby is a race between two carts as they roll down a hill.Does the weight Of the cart make much different? Yes, it does. According to the law of conservation of energy, the kinetic energy equals to the initial potential energy (PEE-MGM): while as the height doesn’t change, the amount of the potential energy depends on how much the mass is. As the data shows, when the mass of the cart changed, the potential energy and the kinetic energy also changed.

And the ratio of the two masses equals to the ratio of the changing EKE/PEE.

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