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Jessie Yang Sue Shareholder APP sec. 1 19 September 2013 Summary of the Standard of Living In Dorothy Parser’s the Standard of Living tells that Enable and Midge are the best friends and colleagues who live in the same milieu. Also, they are both around 22 years old and have low income. However, they always attempt to cast off their ordinary lives by staying fantasy. When Enable and Midge walk on Fifth Avenue in their free time, Enable tells Midge a game that is “what would you do if you win a million dollars”.

Basically, they presume that an old person dies and gives them a million dollars, but Enable invents a rule for it. They must spend every dollar of the money on themselves. Another day, they ask Sylvia who work in the office to play this game, but Sylvia does not follow the rule. However, Enable and Midge start to think the first thing they would like to buy if they have a million dollars. When Enable decides to buy a cost, Midge cannot believe that it is common. In addition, one day, when they walk on Fifth Avenue, they decide to play this game again, and Enable changes her mind to buy a mink coat.

Midge decides to get a real pearl. During that time, they go over to a shop window and guess how much money they need to pay for the pearl which is put inside the window. Then, they walk into the shop and talk to the clerk. They imagine that they are wealthy. Unfortunately, when Enable and Midge know a pearl would cost a quarter of a million dollars, they feel unhappy. Even they feel that a million dollars are not enough for them, they decide to still live in fantasy. Midge determines to change the game’s regulation that increase the money up to ten million dollars, and start again. Words 320

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