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The workplace is an environment in which there is generally a high degree of personal interaction. Recent technological advances have made it much easier for people to communicate with one another.

Unfortunately, increased interaction often includes elements of violence. B. Thesis Statement Domestic violence is of serious concern for managers since it leads to violence in the workplace that causes serious damage to companies. Therefore, companies should look for ways to institute a domestic violence prevention program.II) Key Point: Domestic violence can cost money since it reduces employees’ productivity and worsens businesses’ performance.

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A. An important issue to consider is the idea of managers about violence that occurs in the workplace as unrelated to domestic violence. Karpeles (2004) states that “managers who think domestic violence is none of the company’s business need a wake-up call” citing evidence that “last year, the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported victims of domestic violence cumulatively lose nearly 8 million days of work annually”.B. The group Work and Family Connection estimates medical expenses from domestic violence cost American businesses at least $3 billion to $5 billion per year (Karpeles, 2004, p.

11). C. The 1995 fatal shooting of an Alabama woman by her husband at the woman’s place of employment is a prime example of how domestic violence can spill over into the workplace, according to a recent Peace at Work study (Gurchiek, 2005). III) Key Point: Domestic violence should be taken seriously because it can spill over into the workplace. A.The 1995 accident when a woman was shot by her husband in her workplace is “a prime example of how domestic violence can spill over into the workplace, according to a recent Peace at Work study (Gurchiek, 2005). B. There is a growing awareness among managers that domestic violence and workplace violence are links of the same chain.

Research shows that “in a 2002 survey of 100 major corporations by Liz Claiborne Inc. , 91% of senior executives said they believe domestic violence affects both the private and working lives of their employees” (Gurchiek, 2005).This level of concern demonstrates the need for action on the part of the managers.

IV) Key Point: Managers need to invest in domestic violence prevention programs. A. Managers can make a difference in the situation with violence in their organizations. There are many workable programs against violence already in action, such as NYS Employee Assistance Program (2006). B. Managers can face legal responsibility for not coping with violence in the workplace. Johnston (2001) advises that in recruiting staff for security positions one has to “conduct a thorough background check before hiring or you could wind up with negligent hiring charge”.Since an employer will often face a probe when violence occurs, it is better to be on the safer side and prevent it.

V) Conclusion A. Domestic violence is a serious issue as it affects workers’ performance outside work and can actually follow them to their employment location. Managers cannot afford to neglect this problem and must take effective action to prevent it. B. A healthy, happy worker is many times more productive than a battered one – this alone should be an incentive for managers to fight against domestic violence, not to mention general human responsibility for our neighbors.

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