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Many mental health experts say that five to ten times women are more likely to be victims of domestic violence (de Benedictis et al. , 2004 in www. helpguide. org). Although cases of violence inflicted upon heterosexual partners hug media attention any time of the week, this paper will serve to illumine on the prevalence, characteristics and experiences of spouses in the incidence of domestic violence as experienced by intimate partners.For most of those who have become perpetrators and have become the abused behavior experts say that childhood experiences of battering at home account for the increased possibility of developing distorted self-perception and their understanding and acceptance of people in various roles.

This and other specific findings are the concepts explored in the paper. The problem of intimate partner violence is quite understood these days but the prevalence of its occurrence is no longer very narrow; more spouses get what they do not expect nor feel they deserve at all (National Center on Women and Family Law, 1994).The issue of domestic violence is not new. Unfortunately, although it is an ancient problem, until now, there is no uniformity reached as to the right statistics regarding the matter. This is due to two factors, which, the second is the by-product of the first. 1.

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) Intimate Partner Violence is not clearly defined. “What it is” and “how can it be said that it is committed. ” The information available is not compatible (www. cdc. gov/ncipc/pub-res/ipv_cost/ipv.

htm).One information states that “stalking” and “psychological abuse” are defined as IPV, while other data believe that “physical violence” and “sexual abuse” only are the cases to be classified as domestic violence or IPV (www. cdc. gov/ncipc/pub-res/ipv_cost/ipv. htm). 2.

) As a result of these varying data, available statistics do not reflect a coherent whole which, when achieved, will then merit the attention that the problem of domestic violence (Intimate Partner Violence, IPV) long needs.Because of these discrepancies in all of the accessible data, the consensus is reached that the magnitude of the problem is not realized and is underestimated. Mainly, all reports on all kinds of domestic violence and IPV come from police records, hospitals/clinics, and organizations that are nongovernmental. In the practice of counseling and psychotherapy, one of the crucial roles any practitioner must be able competent of is the diagnosis of individuals who are at risk in domestic arrangements.Experts rely on some distinguishing signs or marks that pinpoint to a cycle of abuse. However, more often problems lie on this fact; those who were properly diagnosed and recognized are in actual grave difficulty and danger because there are psychological dimensions and considerations that come into play in this dilemma of GLBT intimate violence. That is, the typically abused partner rarely gets out of the relationship despite of threats to her physical, psychological and emotional well being.

In fact in a related study on mental health, more than sixty percent of the individuals confined and admitted in mental health hospitals are assumed to have been victims of intimate partner violence (Rangavajhula, 2004 in Carmen et al lit. 1984). 1. Problem statements Understanding a research takes seriously also the kind of questions that the student should ask.

In order to properly arrive at conclusion that is not only scientifically sound -which it should be – but brings both the researcher and customer to the desired goal which is to understand human behavior.The following statements of the problems will be answered in the findings from studies made on domestic violence. a. What is domestic violence and who are commonly involved in the violent activities? b. What are the demographics of domestic violence or battering in the country today? c. What is the significance with studying the issue of domestic violence? d. What are the factors that explain the occurrence of domestic violence in certain households? e.

What interventions that had been developed to meet the needs of both perpetrators and victims of domestic violence? HypothesesH0: Domestic violence is increasing despite information dissemination and public awareness on the issue. H1: Domestic violence primarily involves the male dominance – control aspect which offers an explanation to the undeterred prevalence of the issue, but continued study and awareness of the established role expectations as the male -dominance factor will reduce the incidence. Definition of Variables The Arizona Supreme Court defines “domestic violence” as the: “..

. Repeated use of forceful physical or psychological behavior for the purpose of coercion without regard for the individual rights of another.Battering can be physical and escalate to a high degree of intensity; the result can be fatal, ending in either suicide or murder” (www. supreme. state. az. us/CASA/prepare/violence.

html). According to a statute, Domestic Violence “is any act involving violence, force, or threat including, but not limited to, any forceful detention, which results in bodily injury or places one in reasonable apprehension of bodily injury and which is committed by a person against such person’s family or household member” (Virginia, Va.Code Ann. 20-124. 3). As covered by the definition, DV can be committed against any member of the family. It could be committed against either of the couple by one or the other, therefore it is very important to determine who exactly is the perpetrator, since both parties could have committed the act of violence already in the past. In the fact sheets distributed by the Arizona government entity in the United States, profiles of the offenders or abusers, also called “batterers” are diverse.

They represent all socioeconomic and educational backgrounds, all ethnic groups and even basically all religious backgrounds. This implies that the issue is not confined to some areas of society or country of origin only. Hence the reason, some women become victimizers themselves. However, due to men’s physical constitution and their advantage over women, this is lends to the occurrence of men abusing or maltreating the women in their lives (www.

supreme. state. az. us/CASA/prepare/violencetxt. html).

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