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Domestic Violence is the emotional abuse and behaviours used by one person in an relationship to control the other. The steps taken to prevent domestic violence within communities and governments is not enough. Women and men both can be abusers, and abusee’s. There is not a specific gender who can be an abuser or get abused. There are many types of Domestic Violence for example; Emotional Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Physical Abuse, Verbal Abuse, Mental Abuse etc. Domestic violence causes problems for children at school, causes depression to whom is being abused, and at times makes others want to commit suicide.Domestic Violence is something that happens anywhere in the world. This is an issue that we should consider to look at to better ourselves as a whole. Domestic violence breaks down to many types of abuses. For example; Sexual abuse, emotional abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse etc. Violence shouldn’t be an answer for anyone, no matter of the situation of you being a female or a male. Many people who have been abused, tend to have a mentality of thinking that being “abused” is normal. Domestic violence should be stopped because not a single soul deserves to get abused in any way. Domestic violence causes problems for children. Witnessing their parents or a friend member getting abused would cause the child to have psychological problems. Not only at school, but also at home. Most children also get abused, for example; liking the opposite sex, or for religious reasons you don’t want to believe in certain things. It also causes children to get distracted in class, because all they could ever think of is flashbacks of them getting abused.Sometimes when it comes to any type of abuse, it can be a lesson. If someone were to steal, and they thought they could get away from it without any punishment, that’s where abuse comes in and teaches you a lesson on not to steal. Also, if you were to tell a lie, being taught a lesson to not lie could be helpful, because if you were tempted to lie you would remember that you were punished for doing such. Being abused in any way can sometimes teach you a lesson from preventing you to do it again. Any type of Domestic Violence does not indicate to only female and children. Most males also go through abuse, sometimes it may not always be “Physical or Verbally” but most of the times it is Emotional Abuse. Moreover, “6% of ladies and 4% of men accurately have been abused in the past year. This means that, not only children and women get abused, anyone can get abused. (Campbell, 2010, para.  6)In a Domestic Violence relationship, it doesn’t matter about what you believe in, or what sexual orientation you consider yourself to be. For instance; if you are getting abused by a male, he is more stronger than you, and it could lead to something very dangerous, (murder, or want to make you commit suicide.) There are certain things your mind cannot mentally handle, and you will start to realize everything that is being said to you is true. Sometimes words can be more hurtful than physical. The ugly voices just ring in your head and you can’t get it out no matter how hard you try to get it out. Whenever you zone out and think of what was said to you can make you do multiple things to yourself. Committing suicide is a huge deal, and killing yourself for one’s selfishness is not one of them.No one should get abused, mentally, emotionally, physically, and verbally etc. Getting abused in any way, you shouldn’t be the only one coping with it. There should always be someone there for you, to guide you, to tell you what to do, to make you feel comfortable. People say that, “anyone who get abused is getting disciplined.”. If you are in a domestic violence, there are domestic violence group homes where they take you in and take care of you and make you feel welcomed. Domestic violence should be stopped before anyone else gets hurt. The reason being is, no one should take their anger out on anyone who cannot mentally handle any pain. Being in a Domestic violence relationship, shouldn’t stop you from fighting back, as long as you told yourself that you did all you can to protect yourself. Domestic Violence is common to happen in a household. Us as human beings need to start thinking about our actions and stop judging anyone who have been in abusive relationships. When someone approaches you and wants to tell you something, that means that they trust you, and expects you to be there for them and guide him/her without having any judgment. Any type of violence happens all around the world, and we should be there and support one another no matter what the situation maybe. There is nothing more depressing to think that you are going through abuse all alone. Women tend to get abused more than males, because some women are weak depending on the abuser. In conclusion, anyone who gets abused in not right, and if you are in a relationship and you are constantly getting abused and nobody is there to help you, it is a must for you to contact the police before anything dangerous happens. He might beat you up badly that you might die, or you might not be able to take the pain and you want to commit suicide. Abuse should never be the answer to any situation. Domestic violence should be stopped sooner before another loved one gives up on their lives.

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