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An important social issue today is domestic violence. Men and women alike are in the same risks to be domestically violated. Children may also be abused. Violence at home can take many forms. It can be sexual, psychological, physical, and even economic. Yet before violence comes into form, they take into several stages. Abuse also has many consequences. Alarmingly, the consequences affect not only the individual victims but their children and families as well. Thus, it is important for saving measures to be taken. Indeed, global and local groups are readily available for this purpose.

However, victims need to seek them out first. Causes of domestic violence Abuse is learned. Abusers are primarily introduced to abuse, tried to abuse others, and gains something out of abusing others. This cycle leads to the development of abusive behavior. However, abusive behavior can only happen if the abuser sees the opportunity to abuse. Often, the opportunity is present when two people such as partners have different power levels. This means that when one is strong and the other is weak, and the strong one has the tendency to be abusive, abuse may occur.

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(Causes of domestic violence nd) Finally, the abuser must choose to abuse. Even with the exposure and the opportunity, the abuser still has some sort of control over the act of abusing. Without proper education and guidance, he might then lead to abusing others. All of these factors contribute to the possibility of domestic violence. (Causes of domestic violence nd) Consequences When there is domestic violence, the victims are robbed of their fundamental human rights to live safely. They are denied of their security and peace of mind.

When abused, victims also find it difficult to develop themselves and take advantage of opportunities around them. It is said that this also affects the development of countries as a whole. (Unicef 2000) Victims of domestic violence also have consequences to the health of the victims. They may get injured, get the desire to injure themselves, fall ill, or even undergo mental instability. Domestic violence has fatal consequences too. Victims may commit suicide, be killed or kill their aggressors. (Unicef 2000) Children who are not directly abused are still affected by domestic violence.

When they witness members of their household being beaten, they find it difficult to develop close relationships with others. They may become withdrawn. They may also experience health problems. (Unicef 2000) Women’s resources Women whoa re victims of domestic violence must be vigilant enough to prosecute their aggressors. According to Unicef (2000), they are protected by several statures, laws, and organizations. In a prosecution level, abusers are held criminally liable and should be subjected to police action and serious criminal charges.

There are also community groups and organizations that help victims of abuse fight for their cause and safety. Globally, women’s and children’s rights are protected by the Unicef, the United Nations, the World Health Organization, Pan-American Health Organization and Inter-American Development Bank, and the Trust Fund in Support of Actions to Eliminate Violence Against Women. There are other non-governmental and other local support groups that aim to help victims of domestic violence.

However, it is important for the victims to come out so that help can reach them. Strength of character is hard to achieve, but it is what victims need to achieve the safety that they need away from their abusers. References Causes of domestic violence. nd. Retrieved September 12, 2008, from http://www. psychpage. com/gay/library/gay_lesbian_violence/causes_of_dv. html Unicef. 2000. Domestic violence against women and girls. Retrieved September 12, 2008, from http://www. unicef-irc. org/publications/pdf/digest6e. pdf

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