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“Abuse” is a term that is believed to be an overloaded description of the actual situation that is happening in the society right now.

It could be observed that through the years, the number of individuals being victimized by the said dilemma are undeniably increasing making the word “abuse” not just a word but one among the many things that people within the human society fear most. Significance of the StudyThere is an important factor that defines studying social dilemma as one of the most important issues that need to be dealt with by the experts who are concerned of primarily assisting the human society in recovering from the said factors of distress. Concerning the fact that cases of abuse affect the whole human community in many ways, it is indeed necessary to understand why and how abusive acts actually develop.The reasons behind the developments of the said situation and the effects that it leaves towards its victims would actually help in identifying which type of treatment actually fits the situation best. The victims are the main reasons why there exist some certain support groups and NGO’s that are devoted to focusing themselves in helping the people understand why and how they could help those who are primarily afflicted by the said social malady. It is the expectation of the researcher of this study to help the people understand the roots of the major advancing process by which abusive acts increase every year.More than simply understanding the roots of the problem, this research also aims to make possibilities by which the said situation could be treated well by the authorities who are supposed to be involved within the treatment of the said social issue. To understand the objectives further, the following list shall enlighten the vision of the readers with regards the said purposes of the commencement of this particular study: (a) To assist people in having an in depth understanding of the reasons behind the existence of abusive situations between people around the world.

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(b) To help in the process of finding the most effective ways by which the dreadful effects of abuse among victims could be well treated. (c) To find possible ways by which the situation could either be ceased or at least regulated to be bale to lessen or decrease the rates of the people being victimized every year. Statement of the Problem To be able to have a stronger process of determining the data needed to complete this particular study, the following questions shall be utilized by the author of this research as one of the primary basis of the continuing of the methodologies that are further prepared to complete the study:(a) Why are abusive acts evident within the human society and how are all of these particular cases of maltreatment impact the human society based on the social and economic status of the countries that are afflicted by the said situation? (b) How are these situations supposed to be treated with, and how have the local governments of the different countries actually faced this particular dilemma? (c) What are the major ways that are designed by psychologists and different NGO’s to be able to assist the victims in actually recovering from the maltreatment that they have experienced in the past?(d) Based from an online interview of the major sectors of the human population who are afflicted by the said abusive acts, what are the actual impacts of the abusive situations among the individual’s personal development? Experts such as psychologists and sociologists believe that people do the things they do basing from a certain background that particularly affect their personal growth as individuals. Hence, this theoretical understanding shall be further examined through studying what is causing people to act the way they do with regards abusive acts they commit against their fellowmen.This study then aims to show the readers how this particular theoretical understanding of the situation actually helps in finding the right treatment that assists people in giving ample help to those who are afflicted by the said abusive acts. Chapter 2: Review of Related Literature Theoretical Framework It is pretty much appalling to know how a highly established society could be afflicted by the different effects of the abusive acts that are brought about as one of the major disadvantages of the advancements of the society. What are the sources of these major abuses?Most likely, as psychologists and sociologists point out, people are moved to create possible ways of releasing their tension regarding several experiences through afflicting the security of others (Beitchman, 1992, 32).

Most of those who are noted as the ones victimizing others have been once victims themselves. On their own way then, they are trying to release the depression and the pain that they are afflicted with through passing on the dreadful situation to others as revenge to those who have once victimized them(Spatz, 1989, 13). Studies Related to the Effects of Domestic Abuse to WomenTo learn more about this issue, the discussion of the different types of abuse would help in defining the fact that people are simply passing the ideals of their personal devastation to others: Types of Human Abuse: Psychological Abuse- Affects the psychological growth of a person.

This may not pain the victim in a much physical based hardship, however, it impacts the person’s individual development in terms of his views and his enduring power in facing life’s troubles a person. (Straus, 1979, 31) Verbal Abuse This is the process of abuse that is simply based upon the words that are used to hurt people.These words may be viewed by some, especially of the abusers themselves, to be non-affecting causing it to become one of the most disregarded types of human abuse However, according to worldwide reports, this type of abuse among humans usually result to more serious impacts on the victims because the said process of maltreating people digs deep down the hearts of the victims resulting to shattered personality that usually ruins the lives of people directly as they grow.

(Straus, 1979, 35) Physical Abuse Sexual Abuse This type of abuse is usually both committed by men and women.It could be noted too that this abuse chooses no selection of age as to who is supposed to be the next target victim. Both young and old get subjected to this particular process of maltreatment. Hence, it could be well understood that the impact of this particular abuse does not only involve physical shame but also detrimental effects on the psychological development of the victims.

Child Abuse Most of the time, this type of abuse involves too major factors, domestic abuse among children as well as labor abuse. This is definitely defined by the law as anything done by others to do something against the rights of children.(Koss, 1987, 36) Domestic Abuse This type of abuse happens inside the house and is most likely defined by the fact that the people who are victimized are maltreated by other members of their own family. Elderly Abuse This concerns more of the other’s taking advantage of the old-aged people’s physical and mental weakness. Most likely, the people who are accused of this particular abuse are those who are connected with business swindling and at times, they are the very ones who are expected to give care to the old ones in several homes for the aged institutions.Work Place Related Abuse This type of abuse happens inside the workplace. It could either be the employer or the employee who are victimizing the people around their areas of concern at work to be able to cater to their own personal satisfaction. (Koss, 1987, 12) These primary types of abuse actually help in the manifestation of the fact that there exist some people who are having a hard time forgetting about the past that they have once experienced as victims of abuse.

Hence, it could be noted that through the said types of abuse, it is necessary that the background of the abusers be examined too to be able to understand how to primarily deal with regulating the situation between the abusers and their victims in the process of reforming the accused party. (Koss, 1987, 15) 2. A. 2 The Victims and their Pains The abusive acts and their effects on the victim does not end on the actual act of abusing alone. The results of the said incidents account for further impact on the personality of the victim primarily pertaining on his or her social interaction with the community that he lives with.Most likely, isolation and the feeling of lesser self-worth eventually develop. It could not be denied that these results are hardly expected by the victims before they were involved with the abuse that they were faced with.

(Straus, 1979, 18) Certainly, it is through the memories of the abuse that the pain tends to remain in complete control of the victim’s major dealings with the society. At some point, the said victims tend to become socially avoiding as they actually fear that the same thing might happen to them again in the hands of other people that they may or may not know.The trust that they used to have on other people before they were victimized eventually fades making it harder for them to recover on the past that they have experienced. (Spatz, 1989, 39) According to worldwide reports, there are several abusive acts that are taken against the “weak ones” in a daily basis. Depressingly, the numbers of the victims never cease to stop. Even though there is a strong push on the making of the different laws and ordinances that are designed to protect people from being abused on the places that they are living or working in, it is undeniable that there is still aconsiderable annual rise to the rate of the population becoming victims of the said dreadful situation. As mentioned above, there are numerous types of abuses that plague the society today. With the influences of media and other publications that provoke both sexual desires and violence, the desires of people to do something awful to others to simply comply to the thirst that they feel for themselves and the satisfaction that they ought to reach become much vivid and harder to avoid.

Hence, pushing the abusers to come up with destructive acts that bring others into a devastating situation.(Browne, 1986, 39) It could be noted too through psychological studies that one cause of the ways by which people are moved to follow a certain path that leads them to abusing others actually involve depression and in depth disregard of one’s self. Most of the time, when depression and stress takes over the mental system of a particular person, the deciding power of the person begins to weaken hence making it possible for him to take massive steps of destructive acts that usually leads to them abusing other people.Yes, frustrations and unfulfilled missions or aims bring much depression on human individuals.

When this depression is treated in the wrong manner, the situation becomes harder to control. Psychologists particularly note this as one of the failures of the nervous system to assist one in righteously deciding for what is supposed to be acceptably right to do when hard-to-deal with circumstances arise. The said failure gradually affects to one loosing his control over his actions. Add to the fact that there are those who take addictive substances that are directly affecting their decision-making capabilities thus making it harder for them to judge of whether what they are doing are right or not. (The Primer, 2006, Internet) What the Government has Done The local governments as well as the national governments around the world have been trying to regulate the situation through implementing different rules that would actually intend to make it easier for the cases of abuse to be solved. Within the said laws comes programs that are designed to help both the abusers as well as with the victims to recover from the devastating event that has happened.Different cases are coming in a fast pace within police offices all year round.

However, there are still those that remain unreported to the authorities living the cases unknown to those who could help solve the problem. This especially applies in domestic abuses that are kept within the four walls of the house for the sake keeping the family from the shame that reporting the incident may bring. This has been one of the beliefs that created major problems in making the laws work for the victims of abuse for many years. (The Primer, 2006, Ineternet)This is the primary reason why the establishment of independent support groups as well as non-government agencies or organizations has long been encouraged by the different national governments around the world. In belief of the fact that there might be those who simply feel fearful of bringing the matter into the authorities, the other organizations are then placed on the lead to be able to make possible changes within the problem. As a result, more of the abused victims became much aware of what has been happening and finally decided to tell the organizations of what they particularly experience.(Koss, 1979, 17) Available Treatments and Therapies The treatments and therapies offered in the society today does not only help the victims, instead they are also primarily designed to give assistance to the accused ones; especially those who are noted as someone “not in the right mind” when the incident happened. Most likely, this involves what police officers call restorative justice for the abusers.

On the other hand, the focus largely remains on the recovery of those who were victimized by the devastating event.Several psychological rehabilitating programs are noted to have been established to give assistance to the said victims thus revitalizing them and giving them the power that they have lost over their own lives because of being abused. In these therapies, they are helped to realize the fact that they are still capable of reliving their lives and their dreams even though they do have a scarred past.

They are also encouraged to view the said abusive state in their lives as one of the lessons that would actually give them the chance to becomestronger than ever in fighting for themselves as they try avoiding the same situations from occurring again. However, helping the victims is not that simple. The implementation of the programs are gradual and takes several steps before the victims could actually recover from the past.

This then makes it easier for the ones implementing the program to garner the trust of the victims thus making them recover from the past in a social manner. (Straus, 1979, 14) Summary of Major PointsFrom the discussion and the review that are further made in this chapter, it could be observed that there really are different possibilities that lead to people being harshly abusive of their fellowmen. The different elements that were noted to contribute massively in the process of getting used to abusing people could be concise into three factors that include (a)Personal background of being abused; (b)environmental or social influence; and (c) stress and pressures brought about by dealing with different daily problems. Knowing these reasons, the review also tackles about the major effects that abusive events have on the victims.It could be noted that it is through those results that the overall impact of abuse on the society could be measured carefully. It is also through the accountability of these results that the identification of the major treatments that need to be applied are carefully examined as to how they are supposed to affect the situations directly. It could be noted too, that governments have already tried to do the most necessary steps that they believe they should do to be able to come up with the most effective regulations that are intended to assist people in recovering from the different abusive incidents in their lives.

Hand in hand with the NGO’s and other independent groups, the whole society of the humankind has actually created ways in saving their own selves from the destructive effects of abuse in their lives. (Spatz, 10989, 18) Hypothesis Abuse is the way by which people try to maltreat their fellowmen. This is regardless of the fact that the people being maltreated are either their friends or their family members as well. It could not be denied that this dreadful situation have affected the sections of human socialization already.The school institutions, the workplace, the churches and now even within homes, the existence of abuse cannot be much controlled anymore. This is primarily the reason why it is very important to take several things regarding this particular issue into consideration for studying. This would naturally allow a more focused procedure that shall be developed to assist abused victims both young and old, men and women to recover from the situation that they have been involved with when they were abused in the past.

It is then through this particular paper that the ideas on furthering domestic abuse cases shall be introduced for further discussion. For instance, if an individual is most likely more prone to dealing with an environment of devastation, then he would have more reasons of later on becoming directly affected by the situation and do something that is destructive as well even towards his family members. Meanwhile, if a person remains unaware of the situation that he or she is under, then that individual would likely become the target of abuse in the house.

These claims shall either be proven true or weak within the discussions that follow through. METHODOLOGY Sample Selection The six respondents were divided into age and the type of abuse that they have experienced. Two of them were of a man and a woman who has experienced sexual abuse at work who are now at their early forty’s; the other two are on their early twenties who both experienced domestic abuse from their husbands; the last two were as young as 16 and 15 who have experienced child molestation and child labor violence during the past years of their young lives.The respondents willingly described the things that they experienced from the abuse that they have been involved with in their younger years. It could be noted that through their narration, the entire scope of this study has already been summarized in a much easier to deal with discussion of the facts with the author of this study. InstrumentationAlong with the collection of the different studies and journals that are helpful enough in coming up with the necessary results of information that are actually needed to complete this research, the author of this study also aimed to gather data from actual-based experiences by collecting information from the actual victims of abuse through chatting on line. The said online interview happens randomly, and among those who were able to connect with the author came to at least six persons who have experienced different types of abuse in their past lives.

The said interview only consisted of three different open-ended questions that actually allowed the respondents to directly make mention of their experiences in a more open manner making the author more knowledgeable on whatever emotional-baggage they are carrying at present as individuals who have been once afflicted by violence and inconsiderate situations from their past. Variable Specifications A) Dependent Variable The informations that are presented in this study are certainly tested and are accomplished through rightful procedures that have been well guarded by the author herself.Hence, the importance of each detail presented herein is valid and indeed vital for the completion of the research. Likely, as the dependent variable of the study, the sample population are then tested as to how they are able to provide the needed information for the process of completing the whole study. Whereas, they are observed by the researcher through their regular actions and reactions with regards the fact that they are being seen directly by the researcher as the main contributors to the completion of the research.

B) Independent Variable Ethical standards were carefully taken into consideration by the author as she primarily adhered to the request of the respondents to withhold their names and other personal identity that are not that necessary for the validity of the study. This actually puts the author in an amiable status of being respectful enough of the decisions and demands of the respondents who took time in narrating their experiences to the author in an interview.As an independent variable of the study, the researcher then treats this aspect of the research more of an external factor that is needed to complete the process. Considerably, the idea of the matter is to present the study in a more complex way that completes it both utilizing the internal and external factors that could contribute to its success and practical results for better application. C) Controlling Variable As a controlling factor to both the dependent and independent variable of the study, the primary aims of the researcher in completing the study shall be considered.

Primarily, this is because of the fact that the dependent and independent variables are considered to be coming from external sources of the research which could only be controlled by the researcher through the use of the major reasons as to why this study is pursued. The internal factors that are considered in this study such as the purpose of the researcher shall bring more strength to the researcher’s point of view and progressive process of coming up with the necessary informations for the study.Hypothesis Testing Summary The Hypothesis: A) If an individual is most likely more prone to dealing with an environment of devastation, then he would have more reasons of later on becoming directly affected by the situation and do something that is destructive as well even towards his family members. B) If a person remains unaware of the situation that he or she is under, then that individual would likely become the target of abuse in the house.This hypothesis actually identifies the possible victims in separation with the possible recognition with regards the possible suspects for domestic abuse.

To prove the primary implication of such claims within the study, the researcher is to use the integration of the information gathered from literary and survey-based research as featured within this study. Moreover, the utilization of averaging with the results of the survey shall be given better view in terms of understanding the said results as to how they apply to the said hypothesis. Data CollectionThe results, since they are based on narrated explanations are to be examined closely by the author and are to be presented in a summarized manner. The major points of consideration that were primarily included through the interviews are to be connected with the findings on the actual results of other studies that have been earlier discussed within the chapter of the review of related literature.

Graphs and diagrams are also to be used to be able to present the explanations in a much clearer perspective for better understanding on the part of the readers.Through the use of Averaging the results as to how they contribute to the entire idea of the study as to proving the hypotheses on the statements: [“if an individual is most likely more prone to dealing with an environment of devastation, then he would have more reasons of later on becoming directly affected by the situation and do something that is destructive as well even towards his family members; meanwhile, if a person remains unaware of the situation that he or she is under, then that individual would likely become the target of abuse in the house”], as the hypotheses of the study shall be proven.

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