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Does advanced mobile technology really make teens to have a better life? What if Tim Burners-Lee does not invent Internet, Mark Seersucker does not create Faceable and Steve Jobs does not operate phone, how does your life change? Obviously, it is hard to imagine. According to a research done by Amaze (2012), 31% adolescents in Hong Kong own a smartened, a very high penetration among global. Usually, we believe that advanced technology steps up our lives into another level.Not only does the network foster the communication between teens and their relatives via social networking site and chat room; in addition, youths can distribute heir thoughts, articles and creations online.

Every advantage has its disadvantage, not to mention the fact that the Internet poses enormous drawbacks on youngsters in various aspects. To commence with, it is generally accepted that there appears to be a link between overuse of mobile gadgets and health issue and this disorder closely related to the studies of teenagers.Most of these adolescents lack self-discipline and time management as well. Indeed, the Internet obsession brings about harmful influence on our teenagers.

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Thanks for the technological revolution, one in three of outs is now suffered from sleep deprivation that drives them to lose concentration in class and even fall behind in studies. (2011) On the other hand, overuse of mobile devices may risk health issue. The reporter of Barber (2012) stated that poor posture could lead to neck and back pain.Apart from sleep deprivation, mobile devices could help the youngsters to solve the health issues, especially the emergency situations.

Dorsa (2010) claimed that people could seek for help when they are not feeling well, finding the clinic or even met accidents. Since more and more mobile applications eave developed, people could solve the urgent situation easily and immediately. For instants, deer is an application that offers the clinics’ information including distance form your present location, address, opening hours and telephone number.Patients could obtain the detail information so as to choose the clinic based on their own requirements. Moreover, mobile technology provides the youths a convenient manner to access to health information via the Internet. Unlike the situation in past, we could seek information for the Internet rather than relative books in the public Barry. Furthermore, cyber bullying induces deadly consequences to the youths. With the innovation technologies, we can connect people from all around the world via Internet.

However, the bullies could persecute and harass others behind a shield of anonymity online. Usually, the bullies spread rumors about the victim on the Internet. According to Tighter (2010), e-harassment may be more intense than in- person harassment on the ground that the gossips are widely publicized and the victims suffer from the inability to escape to a safe place.

The teens are in puberty hat is the process of both physical and psychological changes. Part of the youngsters may still confuse about the Judgment about right and wrong so that some teenagers may become bullies accidentally.Besides, most of the victims are not willing to tell told them to be mature and independent, it is ashamed that teens always rely on their parent’s. Therefore, more and more negative emotions would stick in the youths’ mind and could not be relieved. Eventually, cyber bullying could force students to depression, anxiety and other destructive results. For the aspect in social life of encounters, the applications of mobile devices provide a platform that teens are able to communicate with others without limits.

The wireless technology, nowadays, allow teens to chat with other people anywhere and anytime. Smith & Romeo, 2007) In the past, people usually contact with their relatives through mailing that is time- consuming manner of communication. With the help of mobile applications such as SMS and Watchstrap, individual could communicate instantly with their friends and family as well. Pierce and Tamari (2009) argued that the mobile technologies provide safe opportunity for introverted students to interact with others. As a result, the relationship of relatives could be enhanced, especially for those shy people.

Indeed, young people could organize gathering easily through mobile application and the Internet as well. Therefore, they would possess large amount of chances to maintain the relationship with each other. Internet is getting more and more significant to our lives. To maintain a healthy use of mobile devices, I have several suggestions for our young generation and their parent’s: to raise teenagers’ awareness of cyber related robbers; to learn to control online activities; and to spend more time understanding mentality and needs of children.

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