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Rogue Access Point Determining location of rogue access points Conclusion 10 Minimum two paragraphs that summarizes your learning and concludes your accomplishments in the lab Total 50 A quality paper will meet or exceed all of the above requirements. Deliverables IMPORTANT: A report template is provided beginning on the next page, and you must use it to submit your assignment. Before submitting your assignment, delete the pages containing the instruction and rubric. Your submitted assignment should begin with the Title Page and only contain your report. Don’t forget to place your name, your professor’s name, and the date on the Title Page.

Week 6 lab Report Replace with your name Diver University ENTWINE: Wireless Technologies and Services Evaluate and Solve Common Security-Related Problems Submitted to: Professor: Name of your professor Date: Current date Guidelines: It’s always best to introduce a paper to the reader. It sets the tone and provides an overview of what will be covered and what the goals are. What is the intent of the lab? What issues are addressed? Why is it important? What are the goals? Specific questions from lab Guidelines: Minimum one paragraph; best practice is two or more paragraphs. Always use complete college-level sentences.

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Scenario 1 1 . Discuss how changing the type of antennas affects the amount of signal spilling outside the building? What are your recommendations? 2. Discuss how relocating the access points to a different part of the building affects the amount of signal spilling outside the building. What are your recommendations? 3. Discuss the effects of changing the access points’ power level on the amount of signal spilling outside the building? Would adjusting the power level cause any other problems? 4. Could other method(s) be used to prevent the signal from spilling outside the building? 5.

What are the three primary methods for implementing security on this network, as well as the advantages and disadvantages each? 6. What method would you recommend for this network and why? 7. How would you locate this rogue access point? Guidelines: Minimum of two paragraphs that describe the following: What you accomplished in the lab, what you learned from performing it, how it relates to this week’s Twos and course material, how you feel it will benefit you in your academic and professional career References Guidelines Include all references used to complete this lab. This must be in PAP format.

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