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Do you know the person who taught me to play basketball? He is my dad. The person I admire is my dad, because he is helpful, is determined, and he is caring. He is a great person and does a great job of making sure that I get my work done and stay on task while I’m doing my work.
The first reason my dad is the person I admire is because he is helpful. He is helpful because whenever I need help with homework, he will help me. Also, if I need help because I don’t know how to do the question, he goes step-by-step through the problem, and at the end gives me a problem like the first one to try. Plus, if I have a test the next day, he usually helps me to study for it.
Another reason I admire my dad is because he is determined. If he says that he will take 1 month to do a project, he will do it in 1 month no matter how hard it is, because he said he would do it in 1 month. Also, if he says he will find time to be able to go to my basketball game, he will do it.
The last reason I admire my dad is that he is caring. He is caring because he cares for our family. When my mom or I need help, he is the one to help us, and he helps us because he cares for us. Another reason my dad is caring is because whenever I have a basketball game, he always makes time for it to go, and even if he’s busy with work, he’ll find a way to somehow go and watch my basketball game and support me there.

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