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Some people believe that traveling with tour agency is beneficial. Others do not believe that.

I agree that the best way to travel is a group led by tour guide for two reasons. First, it is convenient and comfortable. Second, it is cheaper than traveling privately. The following essay will provide examples to support my opinion. One reason that I think traveling with tour guide is a good idea is because it is convenient and comfortable.

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Tour agency plans for going to the interesting attraction and finding the hotel for tourists. You have to do that provided that you go by yourself.For example, I have been to Japan with tour guide and found that it is very convenient. Tour agency offered a variety of touring package which I could choose. It brought me to the Tokyo and Osaka, the famous province in Japan. I didn’t have to plan anything. It arranged a bus to the Castle of Osaka , Nonsense and Subway. It also reserved for a hotel.

My experience going with tour agency showed me that it’s easier to go with agency. Another reason that the best way to travel is to go with the tour guide is because it is cheaper. Tour agencies usually negotiate with the Flight Company or tool to get a lower price.For example, my parent’s have been to USA. They found that they pay for a lower price airplane ticket.

They lived in the quality hotel with a cheap price. Because tour agency contacted with the Flight company and hotel , it could reduce the cost significantly. My parent’s feel that it’s cheaper to go with tour agency which has a connection. My experience with my parent proved to me that we can save money by going with a tour company. In conclusion, I would choose to go with tour agency.

First, it is easy and convenient. Second, It is inexpensive.

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