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Distracted Drivers BY Chav013 “Distracted drivers? ” The thoughts of what appear in my mind when I hear the words “distracted drivers” is not of a good thought but that of a horrible situation to be in. Many drivers in todays society have caused many road accidents due to their incapability of watching the road before them because they are distracted. There are many different reasons why drivers could be distracted, for example: cellphones, other accompanied people in the vehicle, intoxicated driving, or simply being distracted by outside objects.

The most common reason of distracted drivers is due to the use of cellphones. Cellphones have been a major hazard on the road lately. One reason is texting and driving, two things that should not be done at the same time. Many teenagers and adults have been involved in car accidents either because they hit another vehicle, ran off the road, or rammed into an object because of their anticipation of finding out who Just texted or is calling them. Other accompanied people in the vehicle can play a major distraction hazard while driving.

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I recall a time hen Josh Taylor, Colten Edmonds, and I were involved in a car accident not too long ago. We were headed back home from the Nacogdoches Mall down University Drive. While we exited the mall entrance, we started talking about a time that I scared my friend Josh. When all of a sudden we looked ahead of us, hit the car breaks, but it was too late. The car slid its way and rammed the back of a Camaro car. Due to our distraction of our conversation we wrecked but luckily no one got hurt that day.

One of the most dangerous road hazards is drunk driving. People who drink any type of alcohol should never be allowed to drive because of their inability to focus as good as when being sober. Drinking and driving can put the person’s life at risk as well as other driver’s life on the road. Objects outside can also cause a distraction while driving. It could be a sign, perhaps looking at what other drivers on the road are doing, or an animal. I remember a day nowhere. The road I was on had a hill at the top so you could not see oncoming traffic.

So I immediately reacted and went onto he other lane without thinking about the hill and oncoming traffic. When I was on the other lane a car out of nowhere appeared, but luckily I could swing the car to the right lane and avoid the collision. Just remember, “Whatever the distraction is do not let it get to you and be involved in an accident. ” Always remember, “Tell the people who are texting you that you are about to drive, so that you would not get the temptation of looking at your phone while driving. ” Always keep your eyes on the road and stay free from distractions.

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