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Discussion: The contact lenses have truly turned out as a boom for patients with high refractive errors satisfying their cosmetic demands as well as enhancing the vision as well. These RGP lenses are specifically designed to be worn for longer hours without affecting the oxygen supply to the cornea much. In this case the patient was having corneal astigmatism which got automatically corrected with the RGP lenses sitting over the corneal surface as happens in most of the cases. Also the high myopic power helped in hindering the astigmatic powers. The history of number of hours of contact lens usage was missed along-with the history of sleeping and washing face with lenses on.

It is very important to check the status of the lenses and the lens case the patient has come with. It gives an idea of hygiene regimens the patient follows. The patient in case described above was using lenses with oil deposits which even after cleaning with Boston GP soap solution were not completely removed.

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So the patient had to be persuaded to change the quality of accessory (kajal) for eyes she was using. Also the benefit of contact lens over spectacles in visual perspective could be easily seen in this case. The best corrected visual acuity for distance with full correction of glasses was found to be 6/9 and 6/7.5 for right and left eye respectively  but with RGP contact lenses was found to have increased to 6/6 in either eye. So ofcourse the contact lenses have turned to be a blessing for the people (with high refractive error) who need better cosmetics (glass-free) and better vision at the same time. But it can stay as a blessing only if used following proper usage like proper cleaning and used within instructed time only. Conclusion: The RGP contact lenses are the lenses which provide better vision without halting the oxygen supply to the cornea thereby helping maintaining its health as well.

A good care of contact lens can make the lens take good care of eye and vision. Abstract: A 25 year old female came to the contact lens clinic for regular checkup who was an old contact lens user. Having high myopia and moderate astigmatism in either eye, she preferred contact lenses, cosmetically better option over thick glasses. She had been using contact lenses for last 9 years. He started with the soft contact lenses but due to high power and looking at the vision status had to shift to rigid gas permeable (RGP) lenses. The patient was found to have poor compliance with her old contact lenses and was advised for proper maintenance and care as well along-with the new lenses dispensed. Introduction: The introduction of contact lenses dates back to 1508 when Leonardo da Vinci used a long glass tube filled with water kept over eye resembling to contact lens. The first gas permeable contact lens was introduced in 1978 1.

The lens was made available by 1979 and the Polycon lens was launched by Syntex in 1980. The gas permeable materials were introduced by an American chemist Irving Fatt. Excel O2 was the second generation oxygen permeable contact lens which had good wettability making it even a more comfortable-to-wear lens material 2. The modern day RGP lenses are constituent of silicon or cellulose materials which have oxygen permeability properties to make sure the long hours usage 3. The contact lenses are not only cosmetically effective but the vision is also seen to be improved in many conditions like in case of high astigmatisms and keratoconus etc. Though the RGP lenses are not so easily accepted by the patients, yet there are few benefits of RGP’s what just cannot be ignored as they provide better vision in conditions already mentioned. They’re comparatively harder in nature thereby reducing the chances of them getting torn or soiled easily. Their durability is also thereby increased.

Also they’re made of materials which are waterless which leads to the benefit of less susceptible to protein and lipid adherence to the lenses 4. But these lenses have their own limitations as adaptation to RGP’s is not so readily achieved, they’ve to be worn regularly to get used to them. Also being smaller in size they’re more susceptible to get dislodged while playing or similar activities.

The exposure to dust can be harmful for the cornea due to abrasive risks 4. For high corneal astigmatism, the soft contact lenses may not be much effective as there will be residual astigmatic effect which is overcome by RGP’s due to their rigidity which optically improves the vision quality 

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