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Discussion and Application: Rainwater met the greatest amount of Quality drinking water requirements but we have learned a lot through our testing phase. Some things were predictable and some things were not so predictable. Throughout testing and comparing the different sources, there are a few things that stuck out! Such as that Wexford and Tap Water Samples recorded levels of Chlorine. This is a HUGE problem. According to the Government of Canada “Chlorine is a disinfectant added to drinking water to reduce or eliminate microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses, which can be present in water supplies.” Which sounds good, right? But on the other hand, a different source said this “Chlorinated drinking water becomes something of a double-edged sword. It can serve a highly valuable purpose when making drinking water safe from disease-causing microbes, but too much chlorine can create a backlash, causing other, serious health problems.” So, who is in charge of regulating the amount of chlorine? And who is to say what is too much or too little? This is just the beginning of the problems with Canada’s drinking water, but there is always a need to be educated and to educate the country of the chemicals that are being added to our drinking water and the good or bad effects it might have. Although each source is within the acceptable limits of Total Dissolved Solids, Bottled Water especially shows high amount of TDS. This only affects the taste of the water for humans and not the quality of water. It does however affect animals in many ways, if a large body of water is affected by very high levels of TDS, the aquatic animals could suffer greatly. We have learned it is very important to educate the world about the quality of the water we use daily.Conclusion: In Conclusion, our experiment showed us a lot about the water surrounding us each and every day. We have leaned it is very important to know the contents of the water we drink. We have started to answer our general question, although we must continue to test to get fully accurate results. Our next steps would be to broaden our sample sources and preform a much longer experiment to cover all of the bases. With access to professional equipment, our experiment could be modified so that the results are conclusive and 100% accurate.

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