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It just amazes me on how much difference there is between the smaller hospitals and the larger hospitals. To honestly tell you I thought that most of the hospitals were the same and functioned in the same way as others. Of course, they take care of people and get them back to better health but I mean when it comes to records filing. There is so much that goes on behind the scene that not a lot of us know.Yes, we do know that there is someone that had to bill out the procedures that were done and then file to persons file in the correct place. It seems to me that even though these hospitals are different in size and some may have 1500 patients to 10000 patients they seem to all be the same when it comes to security, tracking, and circulation.

The security aspects of the hospitals all have there own policies but at least they have a policy implemented.With my local hospital they are having different people doing different patient files daily. They also have a login name and a password that they have the choice in choosing. This is a great method because they can track at anytime the times they logged into a patients file. With this procedure it makes the patient files private because not just anyone can get into the files. It also seems that these hospitals all have a back-up system of some sort.

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I don’t quite know how or where they are backing the system up at but with the company I work for they run a back-up everyday after the end of the day. It goes onto a portable hard drive that is taken home with one of us. This is a good system because it the happening of a fire or flood they would lose all the business information. Backing up the systems at the hospital is not just in case of a fire but to have this information just in case something would happen and they would be able to have all the information.

I also think that the circulation and tracking of files are different but not all hospitals are going to have the same policies but they all have great policies. Again, with my local hospital they seem to have everything figures out and keeps everything in order alphabetically to ensure they are not losing any files. This is a great way because all they have to do is search in the F, T, or Z category and should be able to type the last name and bingo there they are. Every visit, condition, and payment that has been made.

I think that every hospital has there own way of doing things and conditions to make it easier of there employees and doctors. Like I said I don’t know a lot about the bigger hospitals but I am sure they are more advanced than my community hospital. The one thing that I know if that no matter the place or size of the facility the employees are there because they want to help people and love what they do or they wouldn’t be there. I salute these people for the things they do for not just me but everyone they do it for.

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