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Differences Should teens be able to obtain contraceptive services without parental consent Teenagers that are sexually active take the risk that comes with sexual intercourse such as sexually transmitted diseases (STD?s) and pregnancies. Yes, teens are too young to be having sex and usually do not think of the risks or consequences that comes with having sexual intercourse. And this is why birth control is an important part a teenager?s life today.

Definitely, teens should be able to obtain contraceptive services without parental consent. Personally speaking, I felt awkward taking to my parents, even my mother about sex ? let alone birth control. So, I am sure teens, sex, parents, control, birth, without, should, parental, having, contraceptives, std?s, sexually, sexual, services, pregnancies, obtain, let, intercourse, feel, contraceptive, consent, comes, awkward, able, young, yes, transmitted, today, think, themselves, teenager?s, teenagers, taking, take

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