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Devon WilliamsDr. ZeidlerMulticultural Literature31 January 2018 Annotated BibliographyBrown, Jeff L. “Georgia Aquarium Incorporates Numerous Habitats.

” Civil Engineering (08857024), vol. 76, no. 2, Feb. 2006, pp. 13-15. EBSCOhost, proxygsu-sful.

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aspx?direct=true&db=a9h&AN=19814858&site=ehost-live. The Georgia Aquarium is comprised of multiple habitations that house aquatic animals from all over the world. The “permanent residents” of the attraction are the “more than 100,000 animals representing some 500 species that call the Georgia Aquarium home” (Brown 1). The building has an area devoted to freshwater animals, known as River Scout, and saltwater creatures, such as the huge Ocean Voyager that contains eight million gallons of water to mimic the world’s oceans.

This source is credible because it is an official document from the databases where entries are evaluated for plausibility.”Dive into Fun at the Georgia Aquarium.” Review of Optometry, 1/15/2012 SECO 2012 Sneak Peek, pp.

60A-62A. EBSCOhost, proxygsu-sful.galileo. Visitors to the Georgia Aquarium will obtain and leave with plenty of knowledge of native and exotic aquatic life. The Aquarium houses five major galleries, one of which, the Georgia Explorer, houses “a loggerhead turtle and fish of Gray’s Reef – an area off the Georgia coast designated a National Marine Sanctuary” (Dive Into Fun.

.. 3). Georgia residents will be pleased to learn that aquatic animals, such as whales, live right off the coast of the state.

This source is credible because it is an official document from the databases where entries are analyzed regarding plausibility.Hale, Paige. “They Grow Up So Fast, Don’t They?” Georgia Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, 30 Nov. 2017, first California Sea Lion born in Atlanta, named Scarlett, is a month old today. Due to her independence, intelligence, and charm, the director of animal training explained that they “wanted to tie back to the great city we call home with a name that also attributed to her personality traits” (Hale).

Baby Scarlett is named after Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind who also had the previously mentioned three traits and was born on October 30th, 2017. This source is credible because it is from the official Georgia Aquarium site in the section for recent news, it has an official date, and the author both works in public relations and has been part of the aquarium since the year 2015.Wells, Myrydd. “Love Porgs? Meet Their Real-Life Puffin Cousins at the Georgia Aquarium.

“Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Magazine, 23 Jan. 2018, Anyone who loved the porgs in the latest Star Wars movie, The Last Jedi, will get the chance to see their real life inspiration in Georgia Aquarium’s new seabird exhibit in the Cold Water Quest area. The exhibit, which is partnered with the Alaskan Sealife Center and opened on January 19th, “features eight horned puffins, five tufted puffins, six common murres, and four pigeon guillemots” (Wells). The horned puffins look most similar to the atlantic puffins that inhabited the movie site, while the tufted puffins have white faces, blonde head tufts, and all black bodies.

This information is credible because it has an official date, features images exclusively from the Georgia Aquarium, and the author is a digital producer and writer for the Atlanta Magazine site.            

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