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The United States is gifted with some of the best academic institutions in the world producing some of the finest medical doctors.

Ongoing research in the field of medical science and the use of latest technologies are additional strengths of its healthcare system. Nevertheless, there are at least forty seven million people in the United States without health insurance (Brown, 2008). Moreover, a large number of Americans are concerned about the ever increasing price of health care, so therefore controlling the price of health care is considered the “the Number One challenge” by politicians (“Senator wants to see road project finished,” 2006).Senator Richard Burr from North Carolina had stated that health care would consume one hundred percent of the U. S.

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budget by the year 2020 if other sources of financing the health of the nation are not discovered and/or organized immediately (“Senator wants to see road project finished”). The issue of increasing cost may be further illustrated through the following example of Pennsylvania. After all, Americans are facing similar problems, regardless of their states of residence.According to a survey report published by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department, in the year 2004, 92% of Pennsylvania’s residents had some type of health insurance coverage. Statistics revealed an improvement over the year 2003 when fewer than 90% of Pennsylvanians were insured (“Pennsylvania’s Health Care Conundrum,” 2006). Furthermore, the 2005 report informs us that almost 20% of people between the ages of 18 and 34 were without health insurance in the state during 2005. This group of people, in fact, made up 50% of the entire uninsured group of Pennsylvanians.Besides, there were more part-time workers who were uninsured as compared to full-time workers, while the percentage of uninsured residents decreased with increasing income.

In addition, 70% of the uninsured people of Pennsylvania reported that they could not afford either a government or a private health insurance plan (“Pennsylvania Health Insurance Status Survey,” 2005). The problem of unaffordable healthcare should be addressed at the governmental level. The new healthcare system should be accessible to all Americans.Undoubtedly the finest doctors in the world produced by the best academic institutions deserve high wages.

Still, the new healthcare system of the United States should be subsidized so as to be affordable to all regardless of socioeconomic class. In fact, the new healthcare system should allow all Americans to enjoy healthcare benefits that are similar to the ones enjoyed by the political elite so as to resolve the issue of social inequality facing the present healthcare system (“Clinton Offers Universal Health Care Plan,” 2007).In order to make healthcare accessible to all Americans, regardless of their job status, age, race and state of residence, the new healthcare system should provide American families with tax credits as financial support for health insurance. This would reduce the burden of premiums for healthcare insurance. Moreover, to people who are unable to afford health insurance despite tax credits, federal subsidies should be provided.Large businesses or the capitalists should be required to pay for their employees’ health insurance.

Additionally, the new healthcare system of America should ensure that healthcare insurance providers offer their services to all those who apply without charging high prices or high premiums. (“Clinton Offers Universal Health Care Plan”). According to Thomas J. Donahue, President and CEO of the U.

S. Chamber of Commerce, medical errors are another major problem plaguing the U. S. healthcare system (Donahue, 2008).Clinical Information Systems are known as efficient technological tools for high quality care as these systems allow for swift retrieval of information as well as efficient management of data. Although research has revealed that there is a tremendous amount of user resistance as far as these efficient tools for healthcare quality management are concerned, it is essential to encourage physicians to make use of these Systems in their practice (Palm et al.

, 2006).Hum & Parshoram (2006) have published a study that provides evidence of the usefulness of Clinical Information Systems in medical practice. In this study, inappropriate administration of calcium was checked by a Clinical Information System. According to the authors: Inappropriate calcium administration may be prevented by the successful application of a real-time clinical alert system including reminders to check calcium and phosphate levels in patients at risk, and providing alerts about inappropriate calcium administration at the time of order writing and during infusion (Hum & Parshoram, p. 959).

In order to encourage healthcare organizations to make effective use of Clinical Information Systems to check medical errors, the new healthcare system of the United States should regularly distribute such research findings with examples of practical use of these Systems in checking medical errors. Palm et al. have published a study that defines the determiners of user satisfaction with Clinical Information Systems. According to their research, the overall satisfaction of users of the Clinical Information Systems is significantly connected with the quality of these Systems.This makes it necessary for the new healthcare system of the United States to improve the quality of Clinical Information Systems to further promote their use. What is more, the new healthcare system should make legal redress available to patients who are victims of medical errors; at the same time it should devise methods to check false claims of errors before matters reach the level of untruthful liability claims (Donahue).

After all, the new healthcare system is meant to confirm and strengthen the ethical mindset of medical professionals whilst boosting consumer confidence in a world-class healthcare system.

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