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Designated Driver The Designated Driver Every decision a person makes will have an effect on something.

Drinking and driving has a great impact on not only the driver, but other people driving on the same roads. Many teenagers have the false impression that if they?ve done it once (drink, drive, and make it home alive), they can continue to do so and be all right. This is definitely not the case, as one person dies every 32 minutes in an alcohol-related accident.

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Here is my story, about a person trying to keep drunken people safe, alive, and off the streets for their own safety and the well-being of society. It all started my freshman year. I started to go to parties and such and would see older people drinking recklessly.

The host of these parties didn?t even take it into consideration to take the keys away from these irresponsible fools. I would watch as they would stumble out the door and into the night, and would ask myself if they would make it home all right. Can?t say I worried too much, because it was out of my power and I?d be a loser if I designated, driver, driving, drinking, car, home, one, make, night, people, alive, take, person, made, know, even, drink, didn?t, couple, both, told, through, stumble, streets, story, started, something, right, party, parties, out, older, neither, myself, much, knew

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