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It is little wonder that my feet were placed on the path to serving others through Dentistry.

Growing up in [Southeast Asian country], my father owned a dental clinic, one I would visit every Friday after school. While we emigrated to the US in 19**, my ****** and ******, the Head Dentist, run a dental clinic in [Metropolitan City in Southeast Asian country]. Surrounded by people dedicated to delivering compassionate care, I was taught values and ideals for contributing to others’ lives. My understanding of the community Dentist’s role as healers and trusted role was solidified at a tender age.More importantly, I have seen that dedicated Dentists can impart confidence, self-esteem and even efficacy to patients. For over a decade, I have maintained a conceptual continuity in my academic, professional and volunteer careers, an unswerving path to Biomedical Engineering and Dentistry. This is turn has given my raw talents, manual dexterity, analytical thinking coupled with compassion for others an outlet to help others.

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Earning my DDS will enable me to bring my lifelong dream of becoming an exceptional Dentist to fruition.My academic, professional, even philanthropic ideals go beyond the clinical, expanding my base of knowledge and contributing to the future of Dental research. I envision opening a Dental clinic that is patient-friendly, and given the influx of diverse patients into our healthcare system, I feel that my own immigrant experiences make me particularly sensitive to their unique needs.

Moreover, I want to continue an active research regimen, working from a university, bringing practical, contemporary research to burgeoning Dental professionals.Furthermore, I feel I will be a role model to other Asians who want to advance themselves, and contribute to society. In order to prepare for the opportunity and challenge of a quality DDS program, and increase my depth of understanding of the causal relationships between Dentistry and Biomedical Engineering, I enrolled in a Biomedical Engineering program.

The program has given me a solid foundation in practicum and practice from which I have been able to build an excellent base of practical professional experiences.As a Biomedical device designer with [major multinational Research company], I have developed my perceptual abilities through years of 3D-visualization and computer-aided design. My interest and aptitude in Biomedicine earned me the opportunity to spend two consecutive summers in [Southeast Asian country] conducting stem cell research work with Drs.

**** and ***** and ****** Children’s Rehabilitation. These assorted experiences built my research acumen and lab skills, giving me unprecedented insights into how intellectuals in the field are working towards better healthcare systems for all.I credit their examples as being my inspiration for staying on the Engineering Honours List and maintaining a high academic standing. Any Dentist has a connection with their community, demonstrating tangibly their commitment to helping others.

To this end, I have volunteered my time at ***** ****** Hospital’s ER. The work gave me a chance to gain direct patient contact, and exposure to multidisciplinary medical teams. Volunteering with the ***** project, facilitated by the ***** Canadian Scholarship Foundation, built upon my leadership skills.Conducting a two-day retreat for high school students, I worked with 17 other volunteer leaders coaching students in determining their life’s path, embracing their cultural identity, and how to research colleges. This experience impressed upon me that patients, like those I have helped through volunteerism, need to be approached even before they come to us. In terms of my professional Dental exposure, I have spent over 100 hours shadowing Dentists.

Dr. *****, who works as the Chief Dentist at my uncle’s practice allowed me to see the practical, as well as the highly important human side of Dentistry.His sympathetic nature and dedication demonstrated his commitment to attaining his patient’s satisfaction.

Dr. ***** exposed me to an incredible array of dental procedures including fillings, rubber dams, orthodontics, and cosmetic procedures. I will never cease to be amazed how even a simple procedure such as a crown can dramatically improve a patient’s aesthetics and even their lives long term.

I look forward to my DDS program with great eagerness. No other field ever could offer me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction, nor the outlet from which I can make sustainable impact on the lives of my community.

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