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There are many different careers out there. Dentistry is a career that requires more training than others. There is a wide variety of different specialties that one can do in dentistry, but the majority of dentists are general practitioners.

On average, general dentists in South Carolina make about $137,400 a year (Dentists). In order to become a dentist in South Carolina, you are required to graduate and attain a dentistry license. Dentists must be able to do different tasks throughout the day and work with many people.To become a dentist, one must attend dental school which usually takes four years beyond undergraduate college. You may graduate with a degree as a doctor of dental surgery or a doctor of dental medicine. The admittance requirements for dental school vary based on each school. Some of the more common requirements include: at least three or four years of college and at least a GPA of 3.

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5 (Dental Schools Ranked by GPA).It is not mandatory to have a Bachelor of Science degree, however, it is encouraged. Some dental schools require you to take certain science classes such as, chemistry (organic, inorganic and biochemistry), mathematics, physics, biology, and psychology. Before you apply to a dental school, you must pass the Dental Admission Test. The DAT measures your scientific knowledge, reading comprehension, and reasoning skills.After graduating from dental school, you have the option of specialty training.

Specialty training is offered at many schools and normally takes about two more years beyond dental school. “About one-fourth to one-third of new graduates enroll in postgraduate training programs to prepare for a dental specialty” (Henderson). Some dental school graduates start out working as associates for established dentists. They usually work for them for about a year or two while gaining experience. purchase or open up a practice immediately after graduation. Many aspiring dentists also receive additional experience by working in clinics affiliated with the school. Another way dental school students may receive experience would be through internship.

While interning for a practice, they are able to get used to the physical demands and everyday tasks of a dentist.Dentists should be trained to offer a wide variety of professional services. They should be able to aid gum inflammation, tooth decay, chipped, infected or broken teeth. It is important for a dentist to be able to stand and keep their hand steady for a long period of time.

They must “develop a gentle touch” for the comfort of their patient (Field). This gentle touch will also help them when they have to perform root canals, remove teeth, or corrective surgery on the gums.They should also be able to determine the difference between shades of color and brightness. Dentists are exposed to diseases and infections carried by patients on a daily basis. For this reason, it is important for them to wear protective gear when working.I researched this career because I hope to become a Pediatric Dentist someday.

I plan on going to college and majoring in psychology and biology and then going to dental school. My uncle is a dentist and has inspired me to become one. He is very successful and loves his job. Hopefully one day I can become successful and love my job just like my uncle.

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