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Democracy tries to account for all of the people through elected representatives or direct voting on decisions. With the principles the universe is average and majority rule.. Some people believe in Director mocker C where political decisions are made by people directly or democratic republic where representatives are elected to enforce laws and policies which is a representative democracy or the elite theory where a small number of people who exercise power rule the society.Outline the central arguments of the debate in America over the proper scope of government.And there is political socialization were political issues formed with social issues and the argument between liberty versus order of religious freedom or with social order any quality versus liberty in the economy and capitalism and liberalism versus conservatism and problems with growing population and ethnic change.Analyze how the components of the Madisonian system addressed the dilemma of reconciling majority rule with the protection of minority interests.Madison put in checks and balances with each of the houses of government. Congress can veto some congressional acts and the supreme court can declare acts unconstitutional and the president appoints the supreme court with the help of the senate.Assess whether the Constitution establishes a majoritarian democracy and how it limits the scope of government.The Constitution did not make a majoritarian democracy. Majorities do not always rule in America (Trump haha). A slow democratization of the Constitution as the right to vote has expanded, senators have become elected, electors have become agents of political parties, and technology has facilitated conduct, two-way communication between office holders and the public., the Constitution limits the scope of the government by not allowing the government to restrict constitutional rights. By spreadinfluence among institutions, it enhance the access of interests to authority, but also allows these interests to check each other and produce a stalemate.Define federalism and contrast it with alternative ways of organizing a nation.Federalism organizes a nation so that two or more levels of government have authority over the same area and people and more decentralized than unitary systems but less  than confederations.Outline the constitutional basis for the division of power between national and state governments, the establishment of national supremacy, and states’ obligations to each other.The Constitution distribute power between the national (federal) government and state governments and makes the national government highest within its sphere. The national government has implied as well as enumerated powers, as McCulloch v. Maryland made obvious. Civil War also helped enact the preeminence of the national government, and over the years the Supreme Court has decipher these powers – especially Congress’s interstate commerce power – broadly, as Washington has taken on more responsibilities to deal with matters such as the economy and civil rights. States have obligations to give full faith and credit to the public acts, records, and civil judicial proceedings of other states, return a person charged with a crime in another state to that state, and assent citizens of other states the privileges and immunities enjoyed by their own citizens.Characterize the shift from dual to cooperative federalism and the role of fiscal federalism in intergovernmental relations today.States no longer have exclusive responsibility for government functions within their sphere but instead share these possibilities with the federal government. Through categorical and block grants, the federal government provides state and local governments with substantial portion of their budgets, and it uses this leverage to influence policy by attaching conditions to receiving the grants. Sometimes Washington mandates state policy without providing the resources to implement the policy.

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