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Teenage years can be the most memorable moment a person experiences. It is a phase in life where one faces various events and situations that define their individuality and character.

It is a point in time where decisions are ought to be made which can make or break them into the person they are destined to be. Most importantly, this is the period where the transition from adolescence to early adulthood occurs. “A period of life when cultural issues are often confronted and when there is also a recapitulation and reworking of prior conflicts and resolutions.” (Calvin F. Settlage, 2007).I grew up in a family which exercises democracy rather than tyranny. A family whose lectures are God’s word rather than foul and discouraging expressions.

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Ever since I was a child, my parents already taught me right from wrong, enlightening me on how to choose between good and evil. At an early age, I can already tell the difference between moral from immoral, and what sin and virtue is. In turn, by the time I reach my teenage years, I am wise enough to choose the right decisions to the verdicts that adolescent life demands.This has helped me to direct my life into the right path. When I thought that everything was flowing perfectly well, an overwhelming situation occured that turned half of my world around.

My family have been in my neighborhood for almost twenty years. I grew up here together with my childhood friends. We were all like brothers, spending almost everyday together, making us tightly bonded. We have watched each other grow from playful little kids up until early adulthood. One day, I found out that my friends are taking drugs. I wanted to stop them, but they don’t want to be hindered.I confronted my parents about this and they advised me to stay away from them.

This broke my heart but I know that this is the right thing to do. Sometimes in life, you have to compromise. Even if it means leaving behind the people whom you have loved, spent time with, and known for almost all your life. Even if it tears your heart apart, it will lead you to the light eventually. References: Calvin F.

Settlage, M. a. (2007).

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