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Definition of Patriotism Patriotism Before this assignment I never really stopped and thought about what the definition of patriotism was or what it means to me. Patriotism in itself has a different meaning and definition to everyone, but does it really Just because some people show it more than others, does that mean the person, who shows it more, has more patriotism than the person that does not show it does According to the Oxford English Dictionary patriotism means ?the character or passion of a patriot; love of or zealous devotion to ones country.? But James Fraser, a professor of education, history, and Dean of the school of Education at Northeastern University, stated in an article in The Christian Science Monitor ?There has been a bit of a return to the idea that patriotism is in the hand of the people who support the government and who support the military action, and those of us who have real reservations about the government military action have gotten back into a more familiar discomfort with patriotism.? So does that mean just because you don?t agree and support with the government military action that you don?t have patriotism Amelia Newcomd, patriotism, support, article, patriotic, flag, definition, country, been, about, stated, people, military, means, love, liberty, just, government, don?t, different, because, action, ?, wrote, writer, think, show, sept, science, run, really, professor, person, people?s, over, one?s, ones, often, now, nov, new, never, movement, monitor, mean, laden, good, feel, education, doing

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