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Individualistic Collectivist High Power Distance Low Power Distance Masculine Feminine High Context Low Context Monochromatic Polyphonic I would consider myself more on the individual end of characteristics. I will admit while my kids were growing up I did try to instill working as a unit to them, that what they did could affect the entire family and so be careful about the choices they made. Now that they are grown or almost grown adults, I am happy to see them making their own decisions, decisions that no longer affect their siblings.

Each one of them is different and on their own path, Just as I am on my own path. While I still am looking out for them, I am finally able to start doing things that benefit me. I am definitely more about Low Power Distance because I believe everyone benefits from working together. Whether you are the top dog or low man on the totem pole, you are contributing nonetheless and should not be treated unfairly because of being in a supervised position. Masculine and Feminine, I guess in the end I am on the feminine end.

The book defines it as gender role overlap and in this day and age you see more and more of men taking on the traditional role of stay-at-home to raise the kids and mom is the wage earner. Being raised in a family where mom stayed home, in a Christian environment, the masculine idea is always nice and idealistic, have some guy take care of me, stay at home eating bon boons all day… It’s never going to happen. My dad truly influenced me to go out and do it on my own, without ever saying it. High-context culture would not be for me.

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I ask questions and when I do, I am looking for information, I cannot read minds. I want things explained to me. I have worked with multiple cultures and high context would definitely be a huge barrier in getting the Job done as well as having the employees get along. Lastly I fall into the Monochromatic Culture. I live by schedules and deadlines. I like to finish as well as do follow up to ensure things were done right. I have met many people over the years, formed good bonds, but as I moved on I have not maintain these relationships.

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