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Death to the Death Penalty ? Imagine the scenario, that you just gotten fired from your current job forno reason what so ever. This devastates you, and you plan to murder your unfairboss.

Your plan succeeds and you successfully murder him. You?re now convictedto go on death row. Yes, it?s your fault, and yes, your very guilty of murder, butshould this crime really be the reason of your death Should you be sentenced tothe death penalty Some people who support capitol punishment would say yes,you took a life so give up yours. Others would say no, death will never be a fairpunishment. With out a doubt, I agree with the second answer. Even though youmay have took a persons life, yours shouldn?t also be taken away! I believe thattwo people dead is much worse than one. After you read my essay, on why thedeath penalty it is very inhuman, you will soon agree with me that it?s wrong. On the other hand, picture you, or a close friend, as the victim of a heinouscrime.

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Even though you might want that person who committed the crime to bekilled for all its worth, it still shouldn?t be done. This is my first reason death, penalty, person, people, been, row, reason, one, lord, aclu, wrong, usa, just, innocent, crime, against, about, though, should, revenge, punishment, now, murder, lee, killing, killed, dead, yes, white, whether, violence, victim, very, thedeath, states, sit, since, shouldn?t, sentenced, others, new, never, mine, life, it?s, inmates, guilty, found, evidence, even

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