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In past years, society has looked nearly exclusively at notorious cases. For instance, the case of Stanford vs. Kentucky, wherein a seventeen-year-old boy had committed the crime of murder in Kentucky.

The court affirmed the death sentence and rejected Stanford?s belief that he had a constitutional right to be tried in the juvenile justice system due to his age. Although an extremely complicated issue, the reasons to support capital punishment outweigh the negative aspects of responding to specific criminal acts. This paper will outline the death penalty and the many arguments for and against its use, along with the few methods of carrying out this sentence.HISTORY The death penalty has been used in some way or another for many centuries. The first known execution in the colonies of the soon to be the United States was of Daniel Frank, put to death for theft in the colony of Virginia. Beginning in the 1930’s, death penalty statistics started to be recorded on a regular basis.

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From 1930 to 1967, 3,859 persons were executed under civil jurisdiction in the United States. death, execution, penalty, methods, 1999, crime, states, prisoner, been, punishment, capital, person, people, one, inmate, criminals, method, gas, chair, heart, against, united, must, chamber, argument, system, state, shooters, seen, first, executions, criminal, blood, because, after, yet, widely, very, several, sentence, put, over, out, murder, made, long, life, innocent, inmates, found

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