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South Carolina, January 15, 1993.

After wounding an Orangeburg, S.C. police officer with a misfired bullet, Thomas Treshawn Ivey, an Alabama prison escapee, proceeded to fire five more shots into the police officer from a handgun at close range after the wounded police officer had reached for his gun.

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Ivey fled the scene but was quickly apprehended. This scenario is not to different from the horrible acts of violence that lead an offender to death row where today some 3,500 people are awaiting the ultimate punishment. The topic of capital punishment is and has been a sensitive issue.

Debates over the capital punishment are centered on the morality of taking a human life. Questions on whether or not our justice system is capable of sentencing a person to death on accurate evidence. Civil rights groups are even involved in claiming that races and financial backgrounds can either save or condemn the accused.

While these are the arguments of those who stand opposed to the death penalty, there is also a lot of people in support of capital punishment. These people see it as an effective means of punishment and deterrent to violent crime. death, punishment, penalty, should, capital, people, justice, person, involved, crime, system, believe, been, because, alcohol, society, problems, made, court, about, topic, think, states, put, power, place, much, innocent, increase, ideas, groups, drugs, decision, country, claiming, claim

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